Tuesday 29 July 2014

Our List Of Top 10 Diamond Necklaces

Right accessories play a crucial role in enhancing the beauty of the bride. Not only designer outfits, beautiful diamond jewelry should be considered as well while shopping for your big day. 

Here is our list of top 10 diamond necklaces:

1. White Gold Diamond Necklace With Chain IMS-1771

A necklace that’s perfect for the wedding day. Perhaps you can pair it up with our beautiful diamond rings to complete the look. White gold is hard, durable and it holds mirror shine for a long time. 

2. Yellow Gold Diamond Necklace With Chain DTN-29

This amazing necklace is sure to win the hearts with round cut diamond and beautiful details.

3. White Gold Diamond Necklace With Chain DTN-32

New trend that’s becoming famous among the brides, make a style statement on your special day with this beautiful piece from A G and Sons.

4. Rose Gold 0.25 Ct Marquise Diamond Necklace AGDNC 

This is the one to die for. Featuring 0.25 Ct marquise cut in rose gold, this beautiful necklace from our collection is setting up the new trends.

5. White Gold 0.25 Ct Heart Diamond Necklace AGDNC-10

A perfect necklace to make a bold fashion statement for the beautiful brides, steal the party with this amazing piece. Don’t forget to pair it up with matching rings. 

6. Yellow Gold Diamond Necklace With Chain IMS-1756

As they say, diamond never goes out of trend. This elegant necklace from A G & Sons is sure to complement your personality.

7. White Gold Heart Ruby And Diamond Necklace AGDNC-10

A necklace that can be paired with matching earrings to show your fashionable side, it is the perfect accessory for the modern brides.

8. White Gold Oval Emerald And Diamond Necklace

Add new colors to the white background of the wedding with this emerald and diamond necklace.

9. Yellow Gold Diamond Necklace With Chain IMS-482

Diamonds are girl’s best friends. Choose this piece for your big day, order now from A G & Sons.

10. White Gold Diamond Necklace With Chain DTN-34 

This white gold piece will for sure bring out the best feature of a simple wedding gown.


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