Friday 3 September 2021

Sparking The Sparkle In You

Going back in history, women have shown a penchant for wearing something beautiful, pretty or eye-catching on her fingers, in her earlobes, around her neck and around her wrist – be it something small and simple; or big and chunky.

Dating as far back as the 16th century during the Elizabethan times, gems used in jewellery were diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire and opal which are still strongly in use today.

Jewellery amongst the Tudors was a big part of fashion, especially for the rich as it showed status and wealth. Making a statement is still a popular reason for wearing jewellery today. A simple piece can add to, or finish off an outfit.

Some women like to wear jewellery because it makes them feel good, others to reflect their personality. There are endless reasons why women wear jewellery; each one is thought-provoking and fascinating to listen to.

Here at AG and Sons, we like our customers to sparkle while wearing our jewellery. All of our designs are unique and at affordable prices. We can’t pick favourites but we hope you can. At this very moment, we dig more about the wrist wear.

Bracelets worn singularly or stacked can be enchanting.  Our bracelets are available in Yellow, Rose and White gold:


Sapphire Bracelets

For a different look to gold and silver, the Rose gold Sapphire Bracelet is fabulously feminine with its pink hue, offers a sophisticated look to adorn your wrist.


Ruby Bracelets

White gold is timeless and teamed with the vivacious Ruby; it is luxurious. Be the envy of admirers with this beautifully chic White Gold Ruby bracelet.


Emerald Bracelets

Yellow Gold & Emerald complement each other well, presenting an elegant and stylish design suitable in bracelets for that classic statement everyday look.


Bracelets are decorative and can be worn for any occasion. More attention is paid to the wrists than is realised. We use our hands to communicate as we go about our day to day lives, and wearing one of our carefully created bracelets will ensure all eyes are on you as the sparkle in our gemstones and diamonds catches the light.

Browse our fantastic collection today to spark the inner sparkle in you!

All of our jewellery is hallmarked and all of our diamonds are conflict FREE.

Friday 27 August 2021

Aquamarine - The Colour of Sea Gem

On Aquamarine, the Colour-of-Sea Gem

Aquamarine, the birthstone for the month of March is a pretty blue beryl that matches in colour with no other gem known to us. The colour of aquamarine reflects the shade of the sea in which the sage of nature merges with the azure of ocean to create a sprightly in-between hue.
Etymologically, Aquamarine is a Latin word for seawater. Sailors chant the word to keep the waves calm during their journey across oceans. When separated, the name aqua and marine both refer to sea. Aquamarine, as we know it, is a namesake of the ocean, what with its colour invoking a certain quiet and calmness. Brazil is the largest accounted producer of aquamarine though large quantities of the gem also come from Madagascar, Nigeria, Zambia, Mozambique and Pakistan.

History and Lore
There is no factual evidence surrounding the first aquamarine that came to us. However, legends have it that the stone was a talisman for sailors in their voyages. The blue-green tone of the stone is known to cool the temper of everything from individuals to things in nature.
Mention of aquamarine in ancient texts and scriptures lends evidence to its presence in those times. It was believed in the Middle Ages that aquamarine could neutralize poisons. Romans ventured out to befriend their enemies with their hopes cast on an aquamarine frog jewellery.
In other civilizations, the gifts of aquamarine were believed to touch hearts and mind. Parents and relatives blessed newlyweds with aquamarine bridalsets so that their bond lasted lifelong. Some even believed that the gem had the power to reawaken love in people.

Aquamarine Bridal Set Rings

Almost all the ancient civilizations in the world have sung praises of aquamarine and its supposed properties. The Sumerians, Hebrews and Egyptians believed that the stone could win battles for kingdoms engaged in wars. They sent their warriors to battles wearing aquamarine jewels for assured victory. Whether or not it helped the knights and foot soldiers in any way other than giving them hope is unknown.
Apothecaries and alchemists used aquamarine dust to whip up concoctions to cure infections and poisoning. Aquamarine was particularly very helpful in the treatment of eye disorders.
On a more moderate mood, astrologers and orb gazers believed the stone to be the key to restore mental health and wellness. It was considered as an aid for meditation, owing to the cool blue shade of the stone that evokes inner peace and tranquillity. In the same line of thought, aquamarine was believed to be the aligner of the physical and the spiritual. The stone was recommended to all suffering from spiritual disorientation or feeling out of harmony.
Aquamarines were not traditionally used as amulets or talismans. That would be an insult to the beauty of the stone. Instead, aquamarinejewelleries were worn to aid the spiritual wellbeing of the wearers.
Some of these faiths and lore have been passed on to this urban era. People still wear the stone as protection before litigation and other disputes. The stone is believed to pace up thinking and improve intellect.

A Look up Close
Aquamarine is a variety of mineral beryl. It comes in shades greenish blue to all blue. Aquamarines that appear more bluish than greenish is mostly affected by heat treatment.
The colour of the stone is arguably its best feature. It is rare how blue and green infuse together in the stone to create an entire new shade with the best of both. The temper of the colour in an aquamarine stone is very light and that, with its high reflectivity creates a brilliance that is not normally seen in other stones. Those with a little yellowish inclusion look brighter with the mild fire of the colour. The gentle blue shade coupled with the translucence of the stones lends the stone a vitreous lustre. If you view the stone under a dichroscope, you will see that the stone looks strikingly close to colourless. The blue in the stone is in fact scattered towards the vertexes of the crystals where it grows strong. Thusly, the halo from the corner colours the entire stone.
Aquamarine Gemstone
Crystals of aquamarine as found in nature are mostly well-formed and clean. That makes cutting and polishing unnecessary for mineral specimen collectors. Aquamarine crystals are normally, prismatic, six-sided and are about a foot long. The sizeable crystals make it easier for lapidaries to cur and polish them in large carats. Aquamarine statement pieces are spectacular to look at.
The beauty of an aquamarine stone lies in the fact that it looks perfect in all designs and settings. The stone makes a perfect addition to silver and platinum as well as gold and titanium. There is barely ever any design or metal that an aquamarine can go wrong with.
The best grade stones have no yellow in them, while the included varieties have only a touch of yellow which only brightens up the tone further.

Quality Measures
Like all other gemstones, aquamarine is graded by the four standard earmarks of Colour, Cut, Clarity and Carat. They are as discussed below:
·         Colour: Starting with colour, the stone has a pretty narrow colour range. That is mostly because beryl on the greener side is emerald. So, this colour-of-the-sea stone range in colour between greenish blue to blue. Aquamarine, by general standard, is the rarest and most valuable in dark blue shade. Anything between light to intense greenish blue is also graded high in the scale, depending upon the tone of the colour. However, the grade goes up with the intensity of the blue colour content of the stone. But, you should be aware that most blue aquamarines found in the market are heat treated and, in all likelihood, are not naturally so blue. The larger stones over the weight of 5 carats are naturally saturated and hence, looks bluer than smaller stones.
·         Clarity: Most aquamarines are clear enough to pass the naked-eye test. But, as we all know, that hardly means that the stones are free of inclusions. Instead, some beryl crystals have a moderate level of liquid inclusions. The market however does not scrutinize too intricately in the inclusions as they do for diamonds. In fact, the stones are graded based on their clarity to expert eyes. The aquamarines that contain inclusions visible to the eye are used as beads or made into carvings and cabochons. Low grade aquamarines have parallel inclusions that cannot be easily ignored. These liquid-filled or hollow inclusions run parallel along the stones.
·         Cut: The beauty of aquamarine crystals is that it can be shaped as one likes. So, aquamarines are available in almost as gemstone cuts known so far. However, of all cuts, oval and round brilliant cuts are more common than others. That’s because in oval and round cuts, the brilliance of the stone manifests best. Designers and artists prefer working with aquamarine as compared to other varieties of beryl because of the transparency and hardness of the stone. Because it is tough, it can be easily chipped into any cut without much getting wasted. Aquamarine is often the chosen stone for new and fancy cuts for concept jewelleries. The reason why aquamarine makes a fitting stone for all cuts is because it is pleochroic. As mentioned before, the colour of aquamarine is concentrated around the corners and that makes the colour directional. That makes aquamarine nearly colourless with strong blue vertexes. Though that should technically make cutting a challenge, it works in favour of the carvers. The colours correspond with the orientations of the cut making every piece retain most of the colour and weight. The table of the stones are aligned parallel along the height or length of the rough crystal.
·         Carat: Aquamarine stones are cut and shaped to sizes really small to large. Some stones are as large as 100 lbs while the smallest ones resemble the size of a sand bead. However, though smaller stones find an easy entry into jewellery designs, larger rocks are difficult to accommodate. Some collectors find it consolatory to own the stones without any metallic framing, others like to wear them in gold and platinum. For them, more reasonably sized aquamarines are produced to set in aquamarine necklaces and bracelets. Quite naturally, the very large stones lose some bidders to the affordable equivalents. Aquamarines over 25 carats are priced more reasonably than those below the mark. The largest Aquamarine mined so far is a Brazilian crystal which was recorded to be 244 lbs. This was in 1910.

Astrological Uses
A cloud of belief surrounds this stones in the sphere of astrology. Practitioners believe the stone to have powers and capabilities beyond human logic and rationale. Though health care professionals may not confirm these qualities of the stone, nor may gemologists, but the stone has known to worked wonders for its wearers in many occasions. Here are some of the uses of Aquamarine as assumed in astrology.

Physical Healer: Aquamarine is said to have intrinsic association with our respiratory system. It is the stone of breathing and is therefore known to cure sinus problems, frequent cold and cough, hay fever and even some allergies. The stone is recommended to those who suffer from bronchial conditions and frequent cold. In addition to this, aquamarine is also a gemstone that has certain cooling properties. Thus, it is considered effective in treating infections, sore throat, strep throat and such problems. It is known to normalise the functions of pituitary glands, thyroid glands, hormones, etc. 

Emotional Healer: Aquamarine is the stone of water and that makes it a powerful cleanser of emotions. It eliminates negative thoughts and ambitions and replace them with positive thoughts and calmness. It opens up communication and invigorates reasoning. It propels the mind forward towards positive and productive thinking. But above all, it balances all the emotions on an even keel, particularly controlling anger, fear and anxiety. The stone is of great help for those going through changes in life. It helps reduce resistance and overcome fear and anxiety that come with transition.

Balancing Energy: Aquamarine radiates many different kinds of energies, one of which initiates the healing of chakra. The stone stimulates energy that surges from the heart and runs through the throat to the base of the spine. The exercise is known to open up all channels of communication with one’s self helping people to accept and absorb the truth within.

Spiritual Connector: Aquamarine is known to help attain spirituality, and more commonly reawaken the spiritual energy in its wearers. It brings vitality to life by nourishing the spirit within and reversing emotional numbness. It helps one to connect with their spiritual self and with that grow the power of compassion. It also lend people the courage to go forth into the unknown in search of spiritual fulfilment.

Divination and Meditation Aide: The colour of stone calms minds almost instantly. That is particularly why the stone has proven to be an excellent aid for meditation. It helps awaken the paranormal abilities in a person that meditation aims. It helps the wearers realize a state of complete calmness inside the mind and experience revelations in life. Some traditions even claim that the stone has ability to show a wearer his guardian angels through meditation. In divination, an aquamarine has multiple interpretation. Dreaming of the stone means you are likely to make new friends. The subject also interprets the meaning of the name as the indication to go forth with what you have than to wait for what you want.

Colour Energy: The colour of aquamarine has a certain energy too. The pale blue of the stone resembles the receding winter sky. So, aquamarine engagement rings indicate the beginning of a journey, a search for your own emotions and a reflection upon one’s true self. It relaxes the mind and conditions it to accept things easily without resistance. It helps develop patience and stimulates the will to reconcile differences or even go out and seek forgiveness from those one has wronged. The colour blue is also very effective in dealing with grief and letting go of what was.

Thursday 24 June 2021

Emerald - Most Favorite Gemstones For Jewellery


Emerald Stone:

Emerald is considered the most treasured stone all around the world because of its attractive green color. This rare gemstone is more popular and also it has increased the desirability among people when compared to other stones like diamond, sapphire, and ruby. So, most people use emeralds in their jewels like emeraldengagement rings, and emerald eternity rings.

The name of the emerald is derived from the Persian word and the meaning of the name is “green gem”. Initially, the name got changed from Greek to Latin and it has been called Smaragdus, and then later changed to Esmaurde, Esmralde, and then in the 16th century,it is called Esmeralde. As time passes by, the name gets corrupted to Emerald.

The emerald has been used for the past six thousand years, and it is more valuable than a diamond. Most people prefer emerald, as this gemstone refers to the richness, power, and eloquence, and even some people believe this stone is more powerful as it canprotectagainst possessions.

In today’s time,emerald stones are widely used to manufacture varieties of jewels like emerald bracelets, emerald band rings, emerald necklace gold, emerald and diamond engagement rings, emerald necklace, and gold and emerald necklaces.


The history of Emerald:

The first emerald was originated 2.97 billion years ago, and in 1500 B.C. the first emerald was mined in Egypt. Emerald is considered an ancient stone, and most emerald has been mined from Egypt.

Around 500 BCE, people started to deposit the emerald through the mining process, and during Cleopatra’s period (51 BCE to 21 BCE), as royal families loved this gemstone, so mining become a regular activity. Cleopatra was fond of emeralds, and she started to increase her wealth in emeralds, so around 30 BCE a town was built near the mines for the increasing demand for emeralds.

The mines were left being unnoticed, then after few years, the emerald was again rediscovered in 1830 in the Urals. Till now, Egypt is considered the primary source of emeralds, and they consist of highly prized emerald jewels in the Roman Empire. 

Emeralds will be pale in color, and mostly they come in opaque or translucent form, and the common shape of the emerald is hexagonal. Some people believed that the Emerald is one of the four precious stones which are given by the god to King Solomon. This stone is considered the birthstone for the people who were born in May, and this gemstone reflects the new spring growth.

Can I make emerald stone as an engagement ring?

Emerald is the most popular choice for making emerald engagement rings, and emerald eternity ring. Emerald stones are considered the symbol of love for new beginnings, and also its bright color will get easily paired with the women’s style. Most people don’t prefer emerald as an engagement ring as they believed that the stone is too soft, but it ranks 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs hardness scale.

If you still have doubt why to choose emerald engagement rings, then here are some unknown facts;

  1.          Emerald haspretty-quite scratch-resistant, and alsoit has high durability when compared to the other stones
  2.        The emerald offers green flashes, and high-quality emerald can be eye-clean which will be brightened and glow
  3.          Choose a high-quality emerald, but is very rare to find. It can be found only deeper into the rock, and it is rarer than diamond
  4.           Even though the emerald is expensive than diamond, still you can prefer it as it is considered to be unique and bring more fortune



Who should wear emerald stone?

Emerald is the most famous gemstone and it can be wornby anyone, but certain astrologersbelieved that couples can prefer this stone for making emerald eternity ringsas their relationship will grow beyond boundaries. Even, pregnant women can prefer this as they will have a normal and pain-free delivery.

Emerald represents the positive powers of Mercury's planet, and this is the planet of intelligence, communication, intuition, education, and business. So, people who are working in the public relationsfield or content-related field can prefer emerald as it will lead to several advantages. 

Do emeralds bring good luck?

According to the ancient Vedas, emerald is closely associated with the planet mercury so it will bring luck, improve the well-being of a person, and bring fortune when you have lost all the hope. This precious stone not only bringsgood luck but also helps you to develop strength and confidence.

Even wearing emerald can improve your mental intelligence, and it will help you to observe people so that you can analyze their both positive and negative sides. If you looking for inner peace then wear emerald, and also it will protect you against health problems like spine, headache, fertility, and eyes. 

Benefits of emerald stone:

Even though the emerald stone has a lot of other benefits, but it is believed that it contains some special benefits according to each religion.


In Islamic history and culture, it is important to wear the emerald stone as it will help you to;

·         Achieve peace and harmonious life

·         Develop unity in the family

·         Increase the wealth and hold the money

·         Evil spirits can be nullified


According to Hindu, only certain people can wear emerald and their zodiac sign should match with the gemstone. This is the birthstone for May born people, and it will offer a lot of benefits;

·         Wisdom and intellect

·         Finance

·         Oratorship

·         Physical health

·         Creativity

·         Matrimonial harmony


Even Christians willwear the emerald stone as this stone will help to increase their religious energies, and also it will maintain a balanced mind. Mostly it is preferred by the married couples as it will make their bond permanent, and also they believe that it will reduce depression and problems.

Is there any special about emerald?

The special part of emerald is that it is mainly used to make jewels like emerald engagement rings, and emerald eternity rings. But there are other special things too which are;

·         For children, it will improve the intelligence and concentration

·         It will help to develop new ideas and innovations for the people working in a creative field

·         It will boost the power of the person and helps them to express their thoughts and views in a better way

·         It is rich in healing power, so this wonderful stone will protect you from health disorders

Purpose of emerald:

Emerald is considered the stone of prosperity, so wearing it will help you to grow. It will make your married life better, improve the finance, and also helps you to get more opportunities. The main purpose of wearing emerald is it will enhance your name and fame, and also it will lead to a bright future.

Top 5 emerald products:

Emerald stones are not only famous for making emerald engagement rings, and emerald eternity ring, but it is also used to make emerald bracelets, emerald band ring, emerald necklace gold, emerald and diamond engagement rings, emerald necklace, and gold and emerald necklace.

Here are the lists of 5 emerald products, which are not only noted for theirdesign, and quality but also these products will come with the independent certificate, 1-year warranty, and 30-days return policy.

1.      Gold/Platinum emerald shape diamond solitaire ring AGDR -1003

Emerald Engagement Rings

If you are looking for a perfect engagement ring, then this ring will make your day even more special. This attractive emerald-shaped solitaire diamond ring will come with attractive rose color, and it will look good on your girl’s hand.

2.      3mm gold/platinum round cut emerald and diamond full eternity ring

Emerald Eternity Bands UK

This eternity ring is made of rose gold emerald and diamond, and the metal purity will come around 9 Kt. The stone used isthe round cut, and in between the emerald stone, diamond stones are placed. The total number of both diamond and emerald stonesis 15.

3.      Gold/platinum emerald shape diamond solitaire necklace AGDNC – 1003

This necklace is made of rose gold and the necklace has an emerald-shaped solitaire diamond.  Diamonds used in this necklace are emerald cut, and the clarity of the stone will be excellent.

4.      Gold/platinum round cut emerald and diamond bracelet AGBRL – 1001

Emerald Necklaces

This bracelet is made of white gold emerald, Gemstone Necklaces UK and diamond and the length of the chain is 46cm. Both diamond and emerald are round cut, and the purity of the metal is 9 Kt. The number of diamond and emerald stones is 70, and the clarity of the emerald is considered natural or very good.

5.      Gold/platinum round cut emerald and diamond bridal set ring AGDR – 2047

The emerald is the most precious stone, so it will look perfect for the bridal set rings. In this ring, round cut stunning emerald will be placed in the center, and also it is studded with beautiful diamonds.


Emerald is a rare and attractive gemstone so it is mostly used in crafting jewelry. This gemstone not only makes you look goodbut also will offer a lot of other benefits. Emerald will be the perfect choice for any kind of special occasion. 

Wednesday 16 June 2021


 Eternity rings are a token of love and life from the past 4000 years and nowadays, these rings have always been the first choice of lovers for wedding and engagement ceremonies. The evolving fashionistas have accepted these ancient eternity rings wholeheartedly.


Garnet Eternity Rings

Eternity rings have vast diversity in it like half eternity rings and full eternity rings, it also features a variety of diamonds, stones and gemstones like emeralds, amethysts, rubies, sapphires, citrine and many more which generally confuses you which one to buy. People like to experiment and the result of such experiments has to lead us to a successful combination of garnet stones and eternity rings. These garnet eternity rings are gaining popularity in the UK and turning into a trend that you must follow.


3 master steps that you can follow to get your perfect garnet eternity ring which will set your look on fire.


Garnets are known as the birthstone of January month which is considered a great gift to idealise the friendship and trust.


The reddish colour of garnets is an impeccable example of purity when it is selected wisely. Residuals of the mineral give the impure red colour with the effect of green, purple, black and blue. So select the red coloured garnet stone which is certified by a known organisation of UK.


If you are not experts then you might get confused between the garnets and rubies due to the red colour of both the gemstones. Eternity rings feature both rubies and garnets but to identify the difference in them you must know these things.

Inspect the gemstone colour.


Garnet Engagement Rings

- Rings of red garnets have minute hints of orange and pink colour in them.


-      Whereas, Sometimes vivid red colour of rubies have the hues of purple and blue in it.


Observe the rainbow.


-      If the garnet stone is kept under the light all colours of the spectrum will be observable.


-      In the case of rubies, you will not be able to observe the yellow or green colour from the spectrum or rainbow.



Garnet eternity rings are enriched with very good benefits and that is the reason why it is very famous in today's glamorous world. If you are looking for a protective shield against the evils then you might be wondering for the garnet stones and to wear it in eternity rings will always be with you.


Garnet stones have a special ability to gel with any gemstones but the most beautiful and famous pair is with diamonds and amethysts in the eternity rings. The fusion of diamonds and garnets have enhanced the looks of the eternity rings when it is worn at an engagement. Amethysts and garnets are no less, the combination of these two gemstones can be engraved with any gleaming metal whether its variety of gold or platinum which all together compliments your beauty and attire too.


Garnet rings are known as the healing crystal due to their healing properties and balanced energy. Some of the healing properties are mentioned below:


-      The red colour of garnet eternity rings reduces depression and anxiety.


-      Garnet regulates the blood circulation in the body and cures the blood deficiency and blood related diseases.


-      Garnet stones increase the strength of the lungs, spleen and also cure the spine injuries.


The healing benefits of the garnets don't end there. Now let's talk about the spiritual and astrological benefits to the wearer of the garnet eternity rings.


-      The wearer can be kept away from the negativities and evil thoughts that's why is it called the stone of protection and manifestation because it can help to achieve the life goals of the wearer.


-      Garnet eternity rings are best for the people who travel more because it is believed that it helps to travel safely to the wearer.


-      If you are unlucky in love and relationships then you must wear garnet eternity rings which ignite the spark in a couple with compassion, energy and stability.


There are infinitely many benefits of garnets as a stone and as in eternity rings.



From the ancient era, the unique designs and craftsmanship of the eternity rings are crafted in a fusion of casual and formal wear simultaneously so that you can be in the limelight everywhere you go.


The blood red colour of the garnets solutes in every attire you want to wear on any occasion whether it's your anniversary, someone's party or it might be someone’s wedding or engagement why someone’s you can wear or gift your partner this garnet rings which will give you the joy of the joys. 


You might be thinking that this much beneficial and beautiful stone must be very expensive and you can't afford it but you are wrong because the garnets are very much affordable than rubies which makes it more buyable and set on the top priority of your jewellery list.


There are lots of designs and shapes are available in the garnets which are also sliced with beautiful stone cuts which makes them more desirable because the stone cuts, shapes enhance the properties of the garnets and beautifies the stone.


To sum up, following these 3 steps will not let you choose the wrong or unidealised garnet eternity rings for your everyday wear and will keep you ahead of the trend in the UK and the whole fashion industry. 

Tuesday 15 June 2021

A Guide to Buy a Beautiful Diamond Ring [Updated]

Shopping for the elegant and pricey diamond ring is not an easy task. If you are planning to buy a diamond ring for your partner, proper research and knowledge is required before making your final choice. A diamond engagement ring is not just a ring; it is a symbol of love, care, commitment and loyalty. 

Here are some tips which can make your diamond shopping a pleasurable experience.

1. Set up a budget

Determining a budget for your shopping should be your very first step. 

If you have an idea about the amount you can spare, you will search for the ring of certain price range. This will make your shopping more convenient and fast as well.

2. Size of the ring

This is important because at the end you don’t want to buy a ring that fits tight.

3. Shape of the ring

Stones are available in different shapes and all these shapes are quite popular among women. The cut or the shape of diamond ring is a matter of personal preference, some people prefer round while others prefer heart shaped diamond ring for example. 

Different available shapes are round, heart, princess, oval, pear, emerald, radiant and marquise.

4. Diamond setting styles

Different kinds of diamond ring settings are available today. Here are some common settings you can choose from:

Solitaire ring : - These kinds of rings have a central diamond in middle which can be of any shape discussed above. No accent stones are placed around the central diamond.

3 stone ring : - A 3 stone ring is a ring which has 3 stones. The size of these stones can be equal or it can be different in the case when central diamond covers more space compared to ones placed around.

Ring with side stones : - Small stones (which are not diamond) are used as a complement with central diamond. 

3 Stone Rings


It is possible that you will find out some more diamond settings but they are not as much popular as the above listed ones are.

5. Select a trusted jeweller

Till now you have set up a budget, decided the size, shape, setting and colour of the ring. Now it’s time to look for a reliable jeweller or a trusted site if you are going to purchase online. You can grab good deals online.

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It is also advisable to compare the price and different available options when buying a diamond ring. Always look for a trusted and reputed jeweler to make your purchase safe and secure.