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Eternity Rings: A Fashion Ritual in the Making

 Eternity rings are one of the biggest fashion trends of recent times. They are everywhere and anybody in contact with the civilization knows about them.

Eternity ring, for those of you who are still not fully familiar with this article of fashion is a ring that is paved all over with diamonds and/or gemstones.

The ring got its name from the word “eternity” which means time without beginning or end. The clear circle of the ring stands for eternity.

 Diamond eternity rings are mostly bands-only with no centerpieces as seen in solitaires and other features.

The exclusion of the centerpiece is purposeful in their case, to make the circle of the band obvious to the eye.

What is the Meaning of an Eternity Ring?

There are many eternity rings meanings. One varies from another depending on their origin. In Old Egypt, eternity rings were believed to be bearers of a powerful symbol.

The circle equaled eternity and Egyptians represented strong human bonds like marriage between a man and a woman with this ring. It stood for something uninterrupted by the passage of time.

The modern meaning of this ring is pretty much in line with the ancient Egyptian interpretation. Today, it is the symbolic representation of a holy union between two individuals.

It stands for eternal love and commitment, things that do not diminish or alter with time.

When Should I Buy an Eternity Ring?

That depends, really. You can buy an eternity ring any time you like.

Typically, it is given to commemorate a special occasion, especially a milestone year in marriage or a romantic relationship.

But the gifting of full and half eternity rings is not limited to wedding anniversaries. It also makes an equally ideal gift on birthdays and on the occasion of the birth of a newborn.

If you are all for traditions, then you know what to get your partner on your next wedding anniversary. An eternity ring can also be a gift to oneself to commemorate self-love and self-appreciation.

So, there can be any number of excuses to buy an eternity ring. Feel free to play by your rules for there is no chance of going wrong with this versatile piece of ornament.

What Finger Do You Wear an Eternity Ring on?

Eternity Rings

Again, there is no set rule for this. You can wear infinity rings the way you like. Some like to sport it on their fourth finger, especially if it’s a gift from a spouse or partner.

Others wear it on the ring finger all the same, regardless of who gifted it. The truth is, an eternity ring is a very special jewelry that deserves to be shown off and the fourth finger grabbing the most attention makes for the perfect finger for it.

Do You Have to be Married to Have an Eternity Ring?

Absolutely not! Anybody can wear an eternity ring with pride.

One’s status has nothing to do with it. Early on, eternity rings were exchanged between friends to mark a promise. So there is no hard and fast rule that only married people can flaunt them.

Monday, 2 November 2020

Ruby and Diamond Eternity Rings- Eternalizing Relationships

 The combination of rubies and diamonds is a classic. These two gems compliment each other like no other. The pairing of diamonds and rubies is not new in jewellery. Designers have long been acquainted with the magic these two stones create coming together. Interestingly, today this classic arrangement has found a central place in not just engagement rings because diamonds still rule supreme there, but in eternity bands as well.

Ruby and diamond eternity rings have grown more popular than any other design in recent times. These rings are top of the line in most jewellery stores these days and are selling like hot cakes around the world. Coveted by women of all ages, these rings are making big fashion statements. So today, let’s explore the section of ruby and diamond eternity bands and learn more about this power pair in wedding rings.

The Mojo of Ruby and Diamond Eternity Rings

By now you must have warmed up to the effervescent popularity of these rings. But if you are not quite sure as in why these rings are so phenomenally popular, then you need to go a little deeper. Diamond and ruby engagement rings feature rubies and diamonds in varying sequences as the designs permit. Some are just paved bands with alternately set diamonds and rubies while others with more complicated designs feature these stones in different arrangements. Either way, the rings are sure to pique your interest.

But is it all on the virtue of interesting designs that these rings rose to popularity? Sort of, but not quite. Rubies and diamonds are two vastly contrasting gems. When set together, they illuminate in each other their special qualities. For example, a ruby makes a diamond appear more bright and more sparkly whereas the ruby in return makes the diamond darker and richer. Sitting side by side, they look their best, and that’s pure magic of the combination. That wholly explains the allure of ruby and diamond eternity rings UK. They look their best together and that’s what makes their marriage so inviting in a subtle eternity band.

Some Mind-Blowing Designs

You’d be amazed to find the variety of choices that exists in ruby and diamond eternity rings today. There is a range of rubies ring design for females possible with just these two stones than you would believe.

So far as the choices are concerned, there is obviously the demure and timeless ruby and diamond eternity ring in yellow gold featuring similar-sized stones in alternate sequence. There isn’t much grandeur or frill to this design. Instead, it harps on the threshold of elegance and understated beauty. There are ruby and diamond half eternity ring and ruby and diamond full eternity ringof different prices too.

The second popular style in this combination is the patterned setting. In these designs, diamonds and rubies of varying shapes are used. While some designs use two different cuts for the stones, others use stones of a similar cut. These ruby and diamond eternity ring white gold feature design themes like botanical, vintage, natural, all of which are more ornate than the other kinds.

Lastly, the channel square rings are another major entrant in this league. Featuring rubies and diamonds of equal carat and cut, these stones are set in uniform channel settings that form sleek and dainty borders around them and keep them flush set along the band. Find a wide selection of ruby and diamond engagement rings at AG and Sons featuring rings in all budgets.

Although there are ruby and diamond eternity rings yellow gold in many other bands, these three styles stand out and occupy the front of the line in most markets. They are coveted for their exceptional aesthetics and sophistication which are the driving reasons for people to choose this style of rings for their weddings.

The Symbolism of a Ruby and Diamond Eternity

We all know what an eternity ring stands. It is the representation of love that has no end nor no beginning. Like time, the band has no starting or ending and that’s what makes it a fitting representation of love as it is. Now what happens when you add stones like diamonds and rubies to it? The symbolism of the band embraces the symbolisms of the stones. Diamonds stand for romance and lifelong commitment, rubies for passion and life. Together, on a band, these represent a bond that is as real and ageless as time and life itself. So, if you are looking for a perfect wedding band for your soulmate, you need to consider a ruby and diamond gold eternity ring.

Prices and Other Important Details

When talking about 18ct ruby and diamond eternity rings, you do not want to miss one aspect and that is the price. If you are an interested buyer who is not sure what amount of expense to expect from buying such a ring, the following information will behoove you.

First of all, ruby and diamond wishbone eternity ringis not exorbitantly costly as many would think. Although these contain both diamonds and rubies, the two most expensive variants of gems, they do not cost supremely high. The gems these rings carry are small in size, and that in effect keeps the price from mounting, all the while making the rings look unmissable and precious.

There are several ways in which you can keep the price of your ruby and diamond eternity ring white goldin check. One of those is the choice of gem carat and metal. These two can significantly bump up or drop down the final price of a ring. Choosing smaller size stones, especially diamonds of low carat and clarity can easily result in a humble pricing. Same goes for rubies. If you can settle for lower quality rubies for the wedding ring, you can save big just on gems. As for the aesthetics, that would be unharmed by your choice of stone quality as the stones are anyway too small to reveal any flaws.

Both modern and antique ruby and diamond eternity demand the same care routine as your sparkler. Clean them weekly and keep them inside a velvet lined organiser, preferably with other jewellery of its kind or separately. Every few years get them professionally washed. Be sure to get the strength of the prongs checked at a jeweller to make sure that the wash does not cause a stone to slip out and go missing.

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Ruby Rings- The Symbol of Love and Passion


Among coloured gemstone rings, one that have enjoyed unbridled popularity through decades of changing trends is ruby rings. Stunning, symbolic, and full of features, these rings have always been the the crowning jewel of colour gem rings. 

Precious and expensive, ruby rings are lustrous and breathtaking pieces of jewellery that make every ensemble infinitely more interesting.

What Does A Ruby Ring Symbolize?

Through history, rubies have been viewed as the symbol of romance, love and passion. 

Their vibrant red colour is seen synonymous with the energy of love. 

For centuries, rubies have been symbols of a lot of things, and ruby rings bearing part of that same symbolism.

Back in time, in some cultures, ruby rings were worn as talismans. 

Ruby Eternity Rings

It was believed that the mystical powers held by the stone extended a level of personal protection to the wearers of these rings which make them talismanic in quality. 

Guided by this belief, some people used to wear them in their left hand as the left is the side where the heart is. This they believed ensured a peaceful living. 

The talismanic powers of a ruby ring were in those days believed to be so immense that they could prevent charlatans from usurping other people’s land, or even rank.

 It was the thing that saved them from perils.

Ruby rings also have a symbolic association with blood. Rubies, as you must have seen have a rich bloody-like red colour. 

That colour gives it a strong association with blood, the life force of humans. 

Astrologically, it is believed that individuals who have put their lives at risk for any reason has a special connection to this red gem. 

In ancient Burma, ruby rings are the rings of soldiers. 

For those souls fighting for their country, this ring bestowed certain invincibility in the battleground, an invulnerability that makes them enduring to battle wounds. 

Their ruby rings keep them safe from lethal wounds of guns, swords, and spears. 

Ruby Engagement Rings UK
Ruby Engagement Rings 

Ruby Engagement Rings Meaning

If you are out shopping for a stunner engagement ring, it’d be a disservice to not nudge you in the direction of the ruby engagement ring gallery.

This section will leave you wanting for more. A massive trend in the current time, ruby engagement rings are pretty big deals in proposal stories.

At this point, when the attention of the masses is fixed on rubies, choosing ruby engagement rings is marked as good taste.

Diamonds are great, but they are predictable and also not as meaningful as rubies in the present context. 

    So now that you are on the path of finding your woman the most amazing ruby engagement ring there is, let’s take a quick look through the many meanings of this ring. 

A ruby engagement ring has many meanings, some closer to love and romance than others.

It is a close association with rubies and romance which make ruby engagement rings extra special in marriage proposals.

There are many reasons why ruby is the right stone to put on an engagement ring. 

It is jaw-dropping sure, but it also has deeper connections with the emotions of love and passion. 

Ruby invokes in its wearer's feelings of love and passion for their partners. That’s one of the key reasons why some people choose rubies over diamonds for engagement rings.

The Name of Ruby comes from the Latin Word Which are "rubber" the meaning of it is red. That colour has, for time immemorial been linked to love and life. 

Given this association, the connection of rubies to romance is no surprise. The colour is also symbolic of great power, given that it was a gem of royalties back in time.

So, faulting a ruby was at once point seen as mark of power, of privilege, and of royalty. Even today, ruby is a precious gem, ruby rings, elaborate statement pieces.

Diamond and Ruby Ring Designs

If you are looking for some amazing rings with rubies and diamonds on them, then the following designs will make your imagination run wild. Below are some of the most inspiring designs in diamond and ruby rings that have arrived in the market in recent times.

·       Center Oval Diamond Halo Paved Design: This one features a chunky oval-cut ruby in the middle embraced with a sparkling diamond band. The arrangement is set on a heavily diamond paved thin band. This one is all about elegance and affordability.

·       The Royal Marquise Ruby and Diamond Design: Among designs featuring diamonds and rubies, this one is a front-liner. This design comprises of a delicate Marquise-shaped ruby at the core, bordered with gold and haloed with diamonds that are arranged into a bigger Marquise. The ring is set on a pair of skinny bands separated in the middle.

·       Emerald Cut Emerald and Diamond Design: This one is more for the unconventional bride who is into angular designs. This one features an emerald-cut ruby flanked by two diamonds of similar shape. The whole arrangement is bordered with diamond haloes that go around to give it a sharper and more prominent silhouette.

Ruby Rings Flaunted by Celebs

The craze for rubies is not new among the celebrities. Ruby has been in in the engagement ring section for many years now. Celebs with iconic sense of fashion led the way making these spectacular rings a smashing trend worldwide. Below are some of the most famous ruby rings seen in recent times:

Victoria Beckham’s Gigantic Ruby Ring

It’s no wonder that Victoria Beckham’s bauble opens the list of most fashionable ruby rings among recent celebrities. 

Her husband, the footballer David Beckham has a habit of gifting her boastfully big and supremely stylish gemstone rings on their wedding anniversaries. 

This ruby ring is one of those lucky gifts. Her ruby ring is in a word outstanding. It features an enormous oval-cut ruby embellished with a thin band of sparkling diamonds. Floral-inspired, the ring features an equally stunning band paved with micro-diamonds.

Katy Perry’s Jaw-Dropping Ruby Engagement Ring

Katy Perry’s engagement to Orlando Bloom happened on the Valentine’s Day. The actor proposed with an incredible ruby engagement ring featuring a decent size oval-cut ruby at the heart and shimmering round-cut diamonds on the outside. Vintage, the ring looks like an elegant gems-stone flower.

Eva Longoria’s Swoon-Worthy Diamond Halo Ruby Ring

Eva Longoria’s taste for unconventional jewelry is no news. So, it’s no wonder that she appears on this list. 

In 2015, the actor’s husband Jose Baston gifted her an enigmatic ruby ring that turned heads at first sight. 

The the ring features a round-cut blood-red ruby at the centre and a border of chunky diamond halo set with round-cut diamonds. 

The band is a split shoulder, paved one which cranks up the glitz and glamor of the ring.

Princess Sarah’s Iconic Ruby and Diamond Ring

The Duchess of York’s ring is truly an awe-inspiring piece. In that, she followed to lead of her sister-in-law, the late Princess Diana in choosing her ring by matching it with her hair. 

The ring features a lovely Burmese ruby at the center, oval in shape surrounded by 10 Marquis cut diamonds.

Jessica Simpson’s Dainty Ruby Ring

Jessica Simpson’s pretty ruby ring is among the most iconic rings of recent times. Designed by Neil Lane, her ring features a cut five-carat ruby flanked with laterally set pear-cut diamonds.

To sum it up, natural ruby rings are a great choice for proposals. They also make great additions to any collection. 

Thus, if you are planning to upgrade your collection and make it a touch more interesting, without breaking the bank, it’s a ruby ring you want to get. 

Check out the wide range of ruby rings available in the stores to pick find the ring of your choice. For perfection and uniqueness, get it customized with the stones of your choosing. 

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How To Spot Fake Jewellery?

Jewellery shopping is not as simple as it seems to be. One has to be really aware and cautious about various things to ensure that genuine jewellery is being purchased. It is quite interesting to see that the market is now flooded with fake jewellery, which are almost exact replicas of the originals. At the very first glance, it is sometimes impossible to spot the differences. However, the person with the right eye and knowledge will be able to make the difference right away.

Owning genuine gold, platinum or diamond jewellery might not seem affordable for many people. They usually settle for replicas of original jewellery as they come at quite low rates when compared to the original ones. It is baffling to see the intricate works that are done on the fake jewelleries to give them the look of the original thing. But if you are looking to purchase authentic jewellery, it is important to assure that you purchase the right product.  

Mentioned here are some tips that will help in spotting fake jewellery right away:

How to tell if jewelry is real or fake ?

1. Check The Hallmark Or The Original Stamp

While purchasing a piece of jewellery, make sure that you check the original stamp and the hallmark on the piece of jewellery. Some of the common stamps are that of ‘9-carat gold’, ‘18 carat gold’, ‘24 carat gold’, ‘22 carat gold’, ‘950 silver’, ‘950 platinum’ and so on. The hallmark signs change from one metal to another. The hallmark sign of authenticity for gold jewellery will be different than that of platinum or silver jewellery. Nowadays fake stamps are also being used. If you have doubts, ask the jeweler for instant electronic measurements for ensuring the genuineness of the jewelry.
2. Magnet Test 
This is one of the oldest tests that have been carried out on jewellery pieces to find out whether they are authentic or not. Bring a piece of a magnet near the pieces of jewellery. If the metal is genuine white gold, yellow gold, or real platinum, it will never ever stick to the magnet. However, any kind of imitation jewellery will cling to the magnet as it has some iron content in it.
3. Test On Ceramic Plate
This test is exclusively valid for gold jewellery items only. The piece of jewellery that needs to be tested is placed on a ceramic plate across the whole surface of the plate. If a black streak appears on the plate it indicates that the jewellery is not genuine. However, if a gold streak appears, it means that the jewellery is genuine.  Gold bars can be tested really well with this technique.   

4. Bite Test For Pearls And Gold 
This might sound really ridiculous but the bite test is truly effective for understanding whether the jewelry is authentic or not. Original gold is very soft in nature. This is the reason that for making jewelry some ‘additions’ are made to the metal to make it strong and a little hard. Put a bite on the gold and if it makes an impression, the gold is genuine. The same applies to pearls as well. If the pearl has an ultra-smooth surface on biting, it is fake. Real pearls have a grittier feeling to the teeth.

To avoid being duped with fake jewelry, it is always recommended to purchase such expensive stuff from authentic dealers. Also, keep all documents and papers safely for the purchased pieces of jewelry.

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Tips To Choose The Right Earrings For Your Face Shape [Infographic]

By choosing the right earrings according to your face shape you can easily enhance your appearance and turn heads in a party. There are various styles of earrings and when shopping online if you are aware of what will look best on your face, you can easily shop for the perfect one in less time.

Here we have an infographic from AG & Sons which revolves around the tips to choose the right style of earring according to the shape of your face. Go through the same and don’t forget to hit the share buttons.

How to choose Right Earring For Your Face Shape 

how to choose Right Earring For Your Face Shape

Aqumarine - The Seawater Stone

How Amazing Is Your Aquamarine Ring?

Aquamarine is a gemstone known for its fascinating color. The blue-green hue mesmerizes making you experience a deep calm that soothes as well as rejuvenates the mind. 

It is but natural that you would covet it and desire to fashion it into a magnificent ring. Be sure to wear it 24X7 on your ring finger and be reminded of the importance of relaxation. 

It also happens to be the birthstone for March so all of you who have been born with the spring can hope to benefit from its hidden qualities.
While you may find it in a number of hues ranging from a pale blue to teal reminding you of freshwater, you would do well to utilize the powers associated with the intensely greenish blue stone. 

What do you have to look forward to by placing a wonderful poetry created out of aquamarine and a bevy of diamonds on the slender digit of your hand though? 

Well, you can certainly expect to be gifted with aquamarines from the ones close to your heart. 

So, look out for a fabulous eternity ring that speaks of love and companionship and cherish your togetherness like never before.

Although, this quaint stone can be cut into lovely cocktail rings and chunky pieces intertwined with cluster diamonds to make a fitting fashion statement, 

you are sure to find the simple engagement ring bring out the color of your eyes most perfectly. 

Go for the full or half Aquamarine Eternity Ring as per your taste but do not hesitate to choose the right stone or the right setting to make it totally apt for adorning your person.

History of Aquamarine Engagement Rings

A look into the past does not reveal much about the significance of aquamarine, however. It is believed to have been worn by the sailors as an amulet to ward off bad luck. 

Yet, late 19th century saw the advent of this glorious quartz stone with being featured prominently in Belle Époque, Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles of jewelry.

Interestingly, Queen Elizabeth II had been gifted with a set of earrings and necklace at the time of her coronation in 1952 and still favors the unique aquamarine.  

Michael M. Dyber attained fame by cutting a whopping big stone of 113.24 ct to perfection and trademarked its features in the name of, “Dyber Optic Dish.”

Do not hesitate to look for the tell-tale indications that spell inferior quality or flaws of craftsmanship when you hope to buy the best every Aquamarine Engagement Ring to seal the relationship and take it to another level. 

Make sure to look for 58 facets in the stone nestling within a cluster of diamonds and rejoice on finding it attain an enviable luster. 

You are welcome to pick and choose a shade that will be becoming for her. 

However, do seek out an intense color whether you fancy a deeper blue or green and select the base material based on the color of the aquamarine as well as her skin tone.

Diamond - The Word Speaks Itself

6 Celebs Who Cannot Be Parted From Their Diamonds

Diamonds have retained their place as the best friend of every woman to this day and age. It is also a stone for all seasons and fit for every occasion. 

So, you as a self respecting woman must have at least a solitairering or a sparkling diamond bracelet within your jewelry box. However, the more, the better for who does not want to bedazzle one and all when the time comes for making a grand entrance.

The top celebs even loathe to be caught without their favorite jewels when walking the red carpet either.  Whether it is the academy awards Night or the grand party after the Grammy Award ceremony, the best and most beautiful of the lot make sure to adorn themselves in diamonds from head to toe.

 Sure, there are a few who are eager to make a statement and endorse to the ‘less is more theory’ but then the earrings or pendants on their person is literally worth a million bucks, possibly even more.

It might be the time to revisit the celebs who have managed to sizzle and dazzle their friends, foes and fans alike. Do check out the list below and try shopping for diamonds albeit on a lesser scale without breaking the bank.

1.       Nicole Kidman is a fashionista with no equal. She makes sure that all eyes are firmly on her as she walks on the red carpet resplendent in a bold dress with eye-popping diamond jewelry adorning her lithe frame.

2.       You would not want to miss the grand entry by Jessica Biel either as she is always seen doing something different. Sure, her diamond-encrusted dress made her the talk of the town but the huge rock that she sported on her finger was an exquisite diamond engagement ring courtesy Justin Timberlake.

3.       Well, it is time to turn away from the glam and glitter of Hollywood and focus your attention on the tennis court. You cannot help but think of her ace serves but there is more to her off the court too. Yes, she is no other than Serena Williams. She has been stunning the audiences by dressing up like a Diva with a $1 million diamond watch firmly embracing her wrist.

4.       Cameron Diaz is known for her elegance though. She does not try going over board or flaunts the magnificent gem stones. Instead, you would find her sporting a simple chain necklace made out of tiny sparkling diamonds or opt for a pendant set that speaks volumes about her taste.

5.       You just cannot put up a list of celebs who love their diamonds without mentioning Anne Hathaway though. She is most remembered for her excellent style as well as for the stunning diamond necklace that she wore when playing a temptress in ‘Ocean’s 8.’

6.       Cristiano Ronaldo also makes to the list as the only man and soccer player who is known to have fans root for him from across the world. However, he is also fond of his jewelry particularly the diamond stud earrings that makes him stand out for a very different reason.