Friday, 1 March 2019

Aqumarine - The Seawater Stone

How Amazing Is Your Aquamarine Ring?

Aquamarine is a gemstone known for its fascinating color. The blue-green hue mesmerizes making you experience a deep calm that soothes as well as rejuvenates the mind. It is but natural that you would covet it and desire to fashion it into a magnificent ring. Be sure to wear it 24X7 on your ring finger and be reminded of the importance of relaxation. It also happens to be the birthstone for March so all of you who have been born with the spring can hope to benefit from its hidden qualities.
While you may find it in a number of hues ranging from a pale blue to teal reminding you of fresh water, you would do well to utilize the powers associated with the intensely greenish blue stone. What do you have to look forward to by placing a wonderful poetry created out of aquamarine and a bevy of diamonds on the slender digit of your hand though? Well, you can certainly expect to be gifted with aquamarines from the ones close to your heart. So, look out for a fabulous eternity ring that speaks of love and companionship and cherish your togetherness like never before.
Although, this quaint stone can be cut into lovely cocktail rings and chunky pieces intertwined with cluster diamonds to make a fitting fashion statement, you are sure to find the simple engagement ring bring out the color of your eyes most perfectly. Go for the full or half Aquamarine Eternity Ring as per your taste but do not hesitate to choose the right stone or the right setting to make it totally apt for adorning your person.

A look into the past does not reveal much about the significance of aquamarine, however. It is believed to have been worn by the sailors as an amulet to ward off bad luck. Yet, late 19th century saw the advent of this glorious quartz stone with being featured prominently in Belle Époque, Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles of jewelry.

Interestingly, Queen Elizabeth II had been gifted with a set of earrings and necklace at the time of her coronation in 1952 and still favors the unique aquamarine.  Michael M. Dyber attained fame by cutting a whopping big stone of 113.24 ct to perfection and trademarked its features in the name of, “Dyber Optic Dish.”

Do not hesitate to look for the tell-tale indications that spell inferior quality or flaws of craftsmanship when you hope to buy the best every Aquamarine Engagement Ring to seal the relationship and take it to another level. Make sure to look for 58 facets in the stone nestling within a cluster of diamonds and rejoice on finding it attain an enviable luster. You are welcome to pick and choose a shade that will be becoming for her. However, do seek out an intense color whether you fancy a deeper blue or green and select the base material based on the color of the aquamarine as well as her skin tone.

Friday, 15 February 2019

February Birthstone - Vitreous Purple Amethyst

February Birthstone - Vitreous Purple Amethyst

Why Should You Consider Buying An Amethyst Ring?

You just cannot go wrong by wearing your birthstone. So, do not have any qualms settling for the magnificent purple or the virulent violet Amethyst if you happen to be a February girl. Do not be put off by the violent violet either for you are sure to find it in a number of shades including the gentle lilac. Besides, it depicts the colour of royalty and slipping an Amethyst ring over your slender fingers is likely to take you as close to the crown as possible.
Why do you need to find Amethyst though save for its colour. You are aware of its geological properties and do admire the quartz stone retrieved from deep within the mines of Brazil, Uruguay and Zambia. However, it is not a gemstone either or a precious one that can be compared with rubies and emeralds. No worries! You might just enhance the beautiful eternity ring gracing your fingers by adding a tiny cluster of diamonds alongside each piece of amethyst. The outcome is going to be most pleasing with you being strangely reluctant to take it off your fingers.
Getting it as a birthday gift from your significant other is sure to delight you while you watch the sparkle of brilliant diamonds being reflected in the lively amethysts scattered all over the circumference of your ring. No matter whether your hubby thinks it fit to adorn your person with a full eternity ring or a half one, it is the thought that counts and you would be ready to accept amethyst in whatever form it comes to you.
Worried about meeting your goals or finding yourself increasingly flabbergasted? Fret not; for the alluring amethyst will show you the way ahead. The February birthstone comes with a number of properties with bestowing courage and calming of the mind being the primary qualities associated with it.
You might also be able to look at things in a balanced manner while the amazing amethyst gets rid of the turmoil inside. Your anxieties are set to rest therefore and stress filled existence is something that you would never have to contend with as long as you have the stunning amethyst ring encircling the finger of your left hand.
Will it suit you though? It might be time to take a long hard look at the wonderful gemstone gracing your person. Chances are that you have been blessed with a cool skin tone as most individuals are. That certainly makes amethyst the perfect jewel for you. So reap its benefits while you celebrate your first anniversary in style or welcome a new baby into the family. Contemplating on the future by getting married in February provides you with the unique opportunity of showing off an offbeat amethyst engagement ring as well.
While, you would be presented with a wide variety of rings containing both amethyst and diamonds, you might want something more attuned to your own tastes. Do not waste a minute therefore in asking for bespoke jewellery. You will indeed find your jewelry personify you completely.

Friday, 1 February 2019

Happy Valentine's Day - AG & Sons

Valentine’s Day- Remembering the Love You Have for Another

Valentine’s Day is not a day reserved expressly for the purpose of showing your love and commitment towards a significant other, your mother, sisters or friends. It is in fact the day to celebrate the special bonds you build through the entire year with people you cherish through gestures of romance, allegiance and affection.  So this Valentine’s Day, gift your loved one something special to make her feel treasured but do not forget to let her know that they are precious to you, every day.
Your Valentine’s Day gift or date night counts for something only when you are loving, attentive and respectful in your relationship through every day of the year. Although these may not exactly seem like difficult relationship goals for two people in love, but we often drift from our goals on account of our distracting and demanding lives. But that’s no excuse to not try.
Love never hides itself, because it is the emotion that is meant to show. So, if you admire someone secretly, ask her out this Valentine’s Day. If you haven’t told someone how much you really love them, then be out with it this Valentine’s Day. Or take care of your own for that tells volume about love, dedication, commitment and everything that may seem too hard to express in words.
This year, gift her a set of diamond earrings or an eternity ring for she is just as rare and precious as a diamond.