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February Birthstone - Vitreous Purple Amethyst

February Birthstone - Vitreous Purple Amethyst

Why Should You Consider Buying An Amethyst Ring?

You just cannot go wrong by wearing your birthstone. So, do not have any qualms settling for the magnificent purple or the virulent violet Amethyst if you happen to be a February girl. 

Do not be put off by the violent violet either for you are sure to find it in a number of shades including the gentle lilac. 

Besides, it depicts the colour of royalty and slipping an Amethyst ring over your slender fingers is likely to take you as close to the crown as possible.
February Birthstone Amethyst

Why do you need to find Amethyst though save for its colour. You are aware of its geological properties and do admire the quartz stone retrieved from deep within the mines of Brazil, Uruguay and Zambia.

 However, it is not a gemstone either or a precious one that can be compared with rubies and emeralds. No worries! You might just enhance the beautiful eternity ring gracing your fingers by adding a tiny cluster of diamonds alongside each piece of amethyst. The outcome is going to be most pleasing with you being strangely reluctant to take it off your fingers.

Getting it as a birthday gift from your significant other is sure to delight you while you watch the sparkle of brilliant diamonds being reflected in the lively amethysts scattered all over the circumference of your ring. No matter whether your hubby thinks it fit to adorn your person with a full eternity ring or a half one, it is the thought that counts and you would be ready to accept amethyst in whatever form it comes to you.

Worried about meeting your goals or finding yourself increasingly flabbergasted? Fret not; for the alluring amethyst will show you the way ahead. The February birthstone comes with a number of properties with bestowing courage and calming of the mind being the primary qualities associated with it.

You might also be able to look at things in a balanced manner while the amazing amethyst gets rid of the turmoil inside. Your anxieties are set to rest therefore and stress filled existence is something that you would never have to contend with as long as you have the stunning amethyst ring encircling the finger of your left hand.

Will it suit you though? It might be time to take a long hard look at the wonderful gemstone gracing your person. Chances are that you have been blessed with a cool skin tone as most individuals are. That certainly makes amethyst the perfect jewel for you. 

So reap its benefits while you celebrate your first anniversary in style or welcome a new baby into the family. Contemplating on the future by getting married in February provides you with the unique opportunity of showing off an offbeat amethyst engagement ring as well.

While, you would be presented with a wide variety of rings containing both amethyst and diamonds, you might want something more attuned to your own tastes. Do not waste a minute therefore in asking for bespoke jewellery. You will indeed find your jewelry personify you completely.

Mermaid’s Treasure- Aquamarine


Aquamarine Stone -The Birthstone of April 

According to astrology, every month is ordained a certain birthstone, some more than just one. For the month of April, it's diamond, for May its emerald, and for March, it’s the brilliant aquamarine. The birthstone of all folks born in the month of March, it is a lucky stone for March babies as well as others. It is also the gemstone for the 19th wedding anniversary. Take a detour of the aquamarine rings gallery if you are approaching that year.

Aquamarine Eternity Ring

About Aquamarine

For those of you who are not familiar with aquamarine, it is a translucent, cool blue stone that is named after seawater. Embodying the crystal clear turquoise color of the ocean, this stone is at once beautiful and gorgeous. With a color that is a refreshing plunge in the cool blue water, the aquamarine brings to the picture freshness and beauty that are unequaled.

Aquamarine is member of the beryl family that has given us expensive and incredible gems like an emerald. Aquamarine is a color variety of the same mineral. Interestingly, this stone is mined not in the plains, but in the elevations of the Karakoram Mountains where it occurs in large amounts at 15000 ft. above the ground.

Aquamarine is identified by its signature greenish-blue color, but that’s not the only shade the stone occurs in. Some bear the turquoise color, while others are light in tone. It is a hard stone that scores between 7.5 and 8.0 on the Mohs scale.

Benefits of wearing an Aquamarine Stone

The Aquamarine stone has many benefits. The aquamarine stone color is that of seawater and that has a visually calming effect on the viewers. It is said that in the early centuries, sailors would carry aquamarine stones with them for it would calm the waves in the stormy seas and keep the crew safe in the water.

Today, the stone has great significance in modern marriage lives. It is believed that the stone if worn by either of the partners ensures happiness and peace in marital relationships.

The aquamarine stone benefits also spill over to the physical and psychological well-being of its wearers. It is famously known to heal all kinds of emotional traumas and relieve stress and worries. It cools down short temper and removes conflicts, bringing peace to mind and body. It helps clear the mind and calm the nerves, encouraging its wearers to speak the plain truth. It has also proven beneficial to help one get in touch with their repressed emotions and thoughts.

Spiritual Meaning of Aquamarine

Spiritually and literally, the name Aquamarine means “water of the sea”. That indicates to the sparkling cool blue ocean color of the stone. For long star gazers and crystal ball readers have maintained that the stone is a reserve of spiritual energies.

Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Spiritually, it is said to embody all things that is associated with the ocean. Soothsayers believed that this stone collected the seas to the heavenly bodies that reflect on the surface of the sea. That way it becomes the mirror that is reflective of itself and the keeper of many hidden meanings.

An aquamarine eternity ring in yellow gold helps explore the darkest and deepest recesses of one’s mind and gives us the opportunity to meet our soul face to face.

Value of Aquamarine Stones

Aquamarine is a semi-precious stone which is what makes it so easily affordable for all in the first place. The stone sells in the stores for average price which is nothing close to that of emeralds, diamonds and like stones. Therefore, it can be safely said that aquamarines do not have the value of precious gems, but are also no valueless as counterfeit gems either. It mostly values between the two.

As for the value of the stone over time, there has been no noticeable incremental rise in the price of aquamarines in the past few years. But one must keep in mind that the stone has a higher value when it’s small in size. Comparatively, aquamarines that are big or over 25 carat cost relatively low.

So if you are planning to buy an aquamarine engagement ring, it’s best to go for the biggest size you can afford. The higher you go, the lower the price which is in direct conflict with most gemstones that we know of.

Is Aquamarine a Strong Stone

The energetic bedazzling sparkle of aquamarine makes it attractive and brilliant at once. The limpid transparency is one of the reasons why it’s covered by millions. But where longevity is concerned, is aquamarine a strong stone? According to its scores, it is a strong stone. Aquamarine scores 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale which is pretty high.

However, that does not say that the stone is indestructible. As a matter of fact, a stone of aquamarine can be very easily destroyed. It doesn’t take much effort to crack or even smash this stone. But don’t be alarmed because the same goes for diamonds and diamond is apparently the hardest gemstone of all. So, as far as gemstones are concerned, you want to handle all of them delicately and with care.

Keep this one away from direct exposure to sunlight for long hours for that can turn the bright sparkling color of the stone pale over time. So, if you are planning to be outside for long hours or tend your garden over the weekends in summer, it’s best to leave your aquamarine jewelry inside.

Who Can Wear It

That’s a very good question. The answer is anybody can wear it because it’s generally believed to be a lucky stone. However, people who would most benefit from wearing a piece of aquamarine jewelry or an aquamarine eternity band in yellow gold are people born in the month of March as it is their official birthstone. For those lucky few, this stone ushers happiness and prosperity in life.

Also, the aquamarine is a good stone to have on you if you are a mariner who spends a considerable amount of time out in the sea or someone who sails for a hobby. Believed to be the lucky stone of sailors in ancient times, it may keep you safe when the sea is rough.

Are You Planning to Propose Someone Special?

If you are planning to propose to someone special then there are some ideas which show your unconditional love and make this day special for her. 

Diamond Engagement Ring

Know your diamonds!

Diamond the hardest material existing, is also beautiful enough to be used as jewelry that can adorn you. Jewelry with diamond studs and solitaire is quite common now.

 Whether it is a set of a number of small diamonds or a single huge solitaire, it is bound to add to your beauty much more than any other stone.

The most sought-after gemstone, diamond has used as a decorative item since ancient times.
Wedding Ring Sets

The most use of diamonds is in the engagement or wedding rings sets since ever. It is also used in necklaces and earrings but that use has only been since modern history.  A chemically pure and perfectly structured diamond has no color. 

Most of the diamonds used for jewelry are usually impure; the slight color in the diamond comes from the structural imperfection. Depending on the intensity of the hue in the diamond, it may either enhance or reduce its value. 
Most white-colored diamonds are cheaper because of the slight yellow color that is detectable, while blue or pink colored diamonds are rare and quite expensive. Diamonds have been naturally found in almost every color of the rainbow.

Diamond is not all that pretty as a rough stone, it needs proper cutting and polishing to be formed into a gemstone. Cutting of a diamond is an art and science. The diamond cutting technique is has been developed over thousands of years.

The process of creating a beautiful diamond that can form the center of your ring is quite strenuous; at the same time, the variety in which diamonds are available is also huge.

Top 5 Wedding Jewellery Shopping Tips for Brides

Many brides believe that the more expensive their jewellery, the more beautiful they will look on their big day. 

Well, this is not true because a lot of budget-conscious brides prove it otherwise. You need to be very careful while shopping for bridal jewellery. 

Apart from the cut, shape, and size of the jewellery, there are other things as well, which you should consider including what will suit you as well as what you will be able to re-wear. 

Here we are sharing 5 handy tips to help you perfectly team up your wedding dress and wedding jewellery so that they complement one other.

1. Less is more

Yes, it’s your wedding day and you should have everything your heart requests but do you really require a statement necklace, multiple bracelets, chandelier earrings, and bangles to bring out the best in your bridal dress? 

The answer is obviously no. You and your dress should steal the scene completely on your big day so choose a few key pieces that you love which gracefully add to your bridal beauty. 

2. Match your jewelry and wedding dress

Subtle variations in hues can create a big difference when it comes to choosing wedding jewellery. So choose stone or metal colour that draws attention to your wedding gown. 

White Bridal Gowns

Pure white is still the most popular choice for a wedding gown. Pearl, Platinum and Tanzanite add a stunning addition to this look.

Featured here are the Tanzanite bridal set rings

Blush Bridal Gowns  

A dirty pink shade, blush-colour dresses are becoming popular and suit all skin tones. These pale pink dresses become even more dazzling when paired with Platinum, peals and rose gold.

Check out our collection of rose gold earrings and beautiful Halo Necklaces in 18k rose gold.

Ivory Bridal Gowns

This warm fabric become even more eye-catching when paired with traditional yellow gold.

Featured here are the yellow halo gold earrings

3. Stick to one style

The style of your wedding jewellery should complement the design of your wedding dress.

Classic and Vintage dress

Choose delicate and feminine jewel pieces such as these cluster diamond earrings and flower diamond necklace UK from AG & Sons.

Contemporary and Elegant dress

Look for minimalistic jewellery styles with clean and modern lines like these Diamond stud earrings uk from AG & Sons.

4. Don’t forget the neckline


You should select a delicate pendant and earrings to highlight your neckline pendant especially if you are going to wear an elaborate dress. Check out these stunning earrings from AG & Sons.

Sleeves or straps

If your dress has straps and sleeves then these Marquise cut diamond earrings from AG & Sons is your best bet.

5. Think long term when choosing bridal jewelry

You should always buy quality that will last a life time and select jewelry that can be worn on multiple occasions.

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Eternity Rings: A Fashion Ritual in the Making

 Eternity rings are one of the biggest fashion trends of recent times. They are everywhere and anybody in contact with the civilization knows about them.

Eternity ring, for those of you who are still not fully familiar with this article of fashion is a ring that is paved all over with diamonds and/or gemstones.

The ring got its name from the word “eternity” which means time without beginning or end. The clear circle of the ring stands for eternity.

 Diamond eternity rings are mostly bands-only with no centerpieces as seen in solitaires and other features.

The exclusion of the centerpiece is purposeful in their case, to make the circle of the band obvious to the eye.

What is the Meaning of an Eternity Ring?

There are many eternity rings meanings. One varies from another depending on their origin. In Old Egypt, eternity rings were believed to be bearers of a powerful symbol.

The circle equaled eternity and Egyptians represented strong human bonds like marriage between a man and a woman with this ring. It stood for something uninterrupted by the passage of time.

The modern meaning of this ring is pretty much in line with the ancient Egyptian interpretation. Today, it is the symbolic representation of a holy union between two individuals.

It stands for eternal love and commitment, things that do not diminish or alter with time.

When Should I Buy an Eternity Ring?

That depends, really. You can buy an eternity ring any time you like.

Typically, it is given to commemorate a special occasion, especially a milestone year in marriage or a romantic relationship.

But the gifting of full and half eternity rings is not limited to wedding anniversaries. It also makes an equally ideal gift on birthdays and on the occasion of the birth of a newborn.

If you are all for traditions, then you know what to get your partner on your next wedding anniversary. An eternity ring can also be a gift to oneself to commemorate self-love and self-appreciation.

So, there can be any number of excuses to buy an eternity ring. Feel free to play by your rules for there is no chance of going wrong with this versatile piece of ornament.

What Finger Do You Wear an Eternity Ring on?

Eternity Rings

Again, there is no set rule for this. You can wear infinity rings the way you like. Some like to sport it on their fourth finger, especially if it’s a gift from a spouse or partner.

Others wear it on the ring finger all the same, regardless of who gifted it. The truth is, an eternity ring is a very special jewelry that deserves to be shown off and the fourth finger grabbing the most attention makes for the perfect finger for it.

Do You Have to be Married to Have an Eternity Ring?

Absolutely not! Anybody can wear an eternity ring with pride.

One’s status has nothing to do with it. Early on, eternity rings were exchanged between friends to mark a promise. So there is no hard and fast rule that only married people can flaunt them.

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Ruby and Diamond Eternity Rings- Eternalizing Relationships

 The combination of rubies and diamonds is a classic. These two gems compliment each other like no other. The pairing of diamonds and rubies is not new in jewellery. Designers have long been acquainted with the magic these two stones create coming together. Interestingly, today this classic arrangement has found a central place in not just engagement rings because diamonds still rule supreme there, but in eternity bands as well.

Ruby and diamond eternity rings have grown more popular than any other design in recent times. These rings are top of the line in most jewellery stores these days and are selling like hot cakes around the world. Coveted by women of all ages, these rings are making big fashion statements. So today, let’s explore the section of ruby and diamond eternity bands and learn more about this power pair in wedding rings.

The Mojo of Ruby and Diamond Eternity Rings

By now you must have warmed up to the effervescent popularity of these rings. But if you are not quite sure as in why these rings are so phenomenally popular, then you need to go a little deeper. Diamond and ruby engagement rings feature rubies and diamonds in varying sequences as the designs permit. Some are just paved bands with alternately set diamonds and rubies while others with more complicated designs feature these stones in different arrangements. Either way, the rings are sure to pique your interest.

But is it all on the virtue of interesting designs that these rings rose to popularity? Sort of, but not quite. Rubies and diamonds are two vastly contrasting gems. When set together, they illuminate in each other their special qualities. For example, a ruby makes a diamond appear more bright and more sparkly whereas the ruby in return makes the diamond darker and richer. Sitting side by side, they look their best, and that’s pure magic of the combination. That wholly explains the allure of ruby and diamond eternity rings UK. They look their best together and that’s what makes their marriage so inviting in a subtle eternity band.

Some Mind-Blowing Designs

You’d be amazed to find the variety of choices that exists in ruby and diamond eternity rings today. There is a range of rubies ring design for females possible with just these two stones than you would believe.

So far as the choices are concerned, there is obviously the demure and timeless ruby and diamond eternity ring in yellow gold featuring similar-sized stones in alternate sequence. There isn’t much grandeur or frill to this design. Instead, it harps on the threshold of elegance and understated beauty. There are ruby and diamond half eternity ring and ruby and diamond full eternity ringof different prices too.

The second popular style in this combination is the patterned setting. In these designs, diamonds and rubies of varying shapes are used. While some designs use two different cuts for the stones, others use stones of a similar cut. These ruby and diamond eternity ring white gold feature design themes like botanical, vintage, natural, all of which are more ornate than the other kinds.

Lastly, the channel square rings are another major entrant in this league. Featuring rubies and diamonds of equal carat and cut, these stones are set in uniform channel settings that form sleek and dainty borders around them and keep them flush set along the band. Find a wide selection of ruby and diamond engagement rings at AG and Sons featuring rings in all budgets.

Although there are ruby and diamond eternity rings yellow gold in many other bands, these three styles stand out and occupy the front of the line in most markets. They are coveted for their exceptional aesthetics and sophistication which are the driving reasons for people to choose this style of rings for their weddings.

The Symbolism of a Ruby and Diamond Eternity

We all know what an eternity ring stands. It is the representation of love that has no end nor no beginning. Like time, the band has no starting or ending and that’s what makes it a fitting representation of love as it is. Now what happens when you add stones like diamonds and rubies to it? The symbolism of the band embraces the symbolisms of the stones. Diamonds stand for romance and lifelong commitment, rubies for passion and life. Together, on a band, these represent a bond that is as real and ageless as time and life itself. So, if you are looking for a perfect wedding band for your soulmate, you need to consider a ruby and diamond gold eternity ring.

Prices and Other Important Details

When talking about 18ct ruby and diamond eternity rings, you do not want to miss one aspect and that is the price. If you are an interested buyer who is not sure what amount of expense to expect from buying such a ring, the following information will behoove you.

First of all, ruby and diamond wishbone eternity ringis not exorbitantly costly as many would think. Although these contain both diamonds and rubies, the two most expensive variants of gems, they do not cost supremely high. The gems these rings carry are small in size, and that in effect keeps the price from mounting, all the while making the rings look unmissable and precious.

There are several ways in which you can keep the price of your ruby and diamond eternity ring white goldin check. One of those is the choice of gem carat and metal. These two can significantly bump up or drop down the final price of a ring. Choosing smaller size stones, especially diamonds of low carat and clarity can easily result in a humble pricing. Same goes for rubies. If you can settle for lower quality rubies for the wedding ring, you can save big just on gems. As for the aesthetics, that would be unharmed by your choice of stone quality as the stones are anyway too small to reveal any flaws.

Both modern and antique ruby and diamond eternity demand the same care routine as your sparkler. Clean them weekly and keep them inside a velvet lined organiser, preferably with other jewellery of its kind or separately. Every few years get them professionally washed. Be sure to get the strength of the prongs checked at a jeweller to make sure that the wash does not cause a stone to slip out and go missing.