Tuesday 11 February 2014

Make this Valentine Memorable with Diamond jewellery

Valentine’s Day, a day of love and one of the most auspicious days to express your deep love and care to your loved one, will be soon ringing the bells of our hearts. 
Buying a gift for your other half seems a tedious task as there is a rainbow of choice available in the market.

We all have seen beautiful diamonds accompanied with different metals, designed and redesigned with some more creativity. We rarely see diamonds losing their charm and appeal, although a number of jewelry trends are in competitor's queue. Especially women dare I did not say that women love diamonds.

The sale of engagement rings and solitaire rings, (which are a common form of engagement ring,) soar during this time of the year; as couples buy them in order to show their commitment to one another. 

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As Valentine’s Day is renowned for being the most romantic day of the year, therefore it is one of the best moments to make the promise of love. But what if your relationship just isn’t at that stage yet but you still want some form of jewelry to express your feeling of love? Well if that’s the case then you are at the right place as we are here to help you make this valentine more romantic.  

We, at AGNSONS, are fully prepared to cater our love birds with our new collection of diamond jewellery. From solitaire rings to three stones rings, you can find the size and shape you prefer the most. 

Take a look at our gift tips to get an idea for not only Valentine’s Day but for birthdays or any other special event that may be soon approaching. 

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Gemstone jewellery is a popular gift choice.  Our gemstone items include quality products like diamonds therefore each piece of jewellery has a significant amount of beauty and of course value. With the option of various gemstones such as emerald, ruby, sapphire amongst others and the multiple options of how it is set, gemstone jewellery can be a perfect choice for gift. You can purchase gemstone necklaces, earrings or rings embedded in a variety of different metal colours.

Earrings are a sentimental gift that compliments a beautiful face. They are perfect for when you want to sway away from any awkward ring scenarios. You do not need to know a ring size, nor will they think it is anything more than a present (no one saying yes to a promise ring). A choice of Gold colors as to which they can be set in, as well as many cute designs to choose from. A safe but stunning gift we say.

Solitaire necklaces are a simple yet an appreciated gift, which will of course be adored. The beauty of the diamond is all that is needed in these items. Again in the metal, you have a choice of gold and can also select the shape of the stones. The solitaire necklaces are an elegant and sophisticated choice.


These gift ideas do not only have to be taken into consideration when it comes to Valentine’s Day, but for any up and coming special events such as her birthday perhaps. 

Express your love in a beautiful way this time. Make your lady love feel like a princess this valentine, with our heart-shaped diamond rings.

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