Friday 4 April 2014

15 Surprising Facts About Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond rings are among the most expensive and auspicious gifts which you can gift to your loved ones. However selecting diamond that suits your choice and at the same time falls under your budget is quite a fuzzy task. However we all do acknowledge that at the end of the day diamonds symbolize love, care and commitment. A diamond ring is a perfect gift for your beloved one.

Well in our last post we discussed a lot about the 4c’s of diamond and shared a guide on how to buy perfect diamond ring for your partner. Here we are going to share some crazy yet lovely facts about the diamond rings:

1. A real diamond will glow in dark just for few seconds if you will throw UV light on it. According to some experts, it is the best way to examine whether the diamond you have bought is an original one or not. 

2. Diamonds were first discovered way back in India in the 15th century. In the beginning Diamonds were used for engagement rings.

3. Do you know the month in which people love to get engaged? Well it’s not February, its December.

4. Although white gold is the most common material used for engagement rings but due to the rising costs, nowadays Palladium emerged as an alternative. 

5. You will be shocked to know that in US, Canada and many other countries engagement ring is worn on left hand whereas in India, Germany and Russia people wear them in their right hand.

6. Roman men give their women engagement ring which includes a small key. According to them it is a secret lock to their hearts.

7. Round and Princess cut rings are the most popular choice.

8. According to the surveys carried out in UK, the average time groom spends on deciding an engagement ring for her partner is around 2 months and 16 days.

9. 80% of women love to receive a diamond ring on their engagement. 

10. Archduke Maximillian was the first guy who gave his beloved a diamond ring in the year 1477.

11. 80% of diamond mined in industry is used for cutting, grinding or polishing.

12. “A Diamond is Forever” quote was first used for advertising in 1948.

13. Ancient Greeks believed that diamonds are particles of stars fallen on the earth.

14. Ancient Chinese used diamonds for polishing their axes over 4500 years ago.

15. 52% people love to share their engagement photos publically on social media. (well, it’s an engagement fact)

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