Friday 18 April 2014

Diamond Eternity Rings: Symbol of Everlasting Love and Commitment

Eternity rings are the symbol of eternal love, passion and commitment. Whenever we think about the jewellery which can express our deep emotions towards our loved ones, I guess diamond rings are our obvious choice. 

Even in engagements and weddings, it holds a special place. Today there are a lot of jewellery trends and designs but not every piece of modern jewels can make that everlasting impression.

Eternity rings, from ancient times, hold a special place because of its unique design and appeal.

The concept of eternity rings first came into existence when ancient Egyptians used them as the symbol of everlasting love.

Today we are going to showcase our wide collection of diamond eternity rings:

1. White Gold Diamond Full Eternity Ring

This beautiful white gold diamond full eternity ring is ideal to pair with a diamond necklace. Featuring round brilliant cut diamond with channel setting, this ring will complement the beauty of your loved one perfectly.   Rounded brilliant-cut diamond is currently one of the hottest trends in the market and couples prefer to buy it for their engagement. 

Well as the saying goes love is not bounded by occasions, this ring is the perfect token to show your love; a beautiful token which symbolizes everlasting love.

2. Rose Gold Ruby and Diamond Full Eternity Ring

Another beautiful piece of jewel from AG and Sons specially made to enhance the beauty of the bride. When teamed up with other rose gold bridal jewellery, this ring perfectly makes the beauty statement. 

This beautiful ring also features round brilliant cut diamond with a channel setting and comes in beautiful packaging.

3. White Gold Emerald and Diamond Half Eternity Ring

Half Eternity Ring

This beautiful token of love expresses the meaning of “forever” perfectly.

Browse through the full collection here: Diamond Eternity Rings by AG and Sons

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