Thursday 19 June 2014

Some Unique wedding traditions from all over the world!


Some places in Scotland a tradition for the bride is to walk around the town and have friends and family throwing disgusting things over you such as eggs, fish etc. This tradition is called blackening of the bride. The tradition is carried out because it is thought that if the bride can handle this humiliation, then she can handle anything (Including marriage). 


In India, women that are born as Mangliks are believed to be cursed. For those who don’t know what Mangliks are they are women that have the astrological combination when Mars and Saturn are both under the 7th house. It is believed that to break the curse women have to marry a tree and then once married they cut the tree down and destroy it. Then the women are free to marry again, but a human this time!

Southern Sudan:

People who are a part of the Neur tribe believe that a wedding is not complete of official until the wife has successfully given birth to two children. If the women fails to have the two children then her husband is allowed to request or file for a divorce, which in most cases he will be given. 


In Kenya if you ever attend a Massai wedding you can always expect to see the father of the bride spitting on his daughters head and breasts. This is done as it is supposed to bless his daughter before she leaves the village. 


One of the more fictional traditions now, in Ireland when the bride and groom have the first dance it is tradition that the bride must keep her feet on the floor at all time. She must do this as it is believed that if she doesn’t then evil fairies will come and lift her away. Wondering why? Well it is said that evil fairies like beautiful and pretty things and as the bride is beautiful she will be lifted away. 


A tradition in the Yugar culture the groom must shoot his bride three times with a bow and arrow. However the arrow head have been removed to prevent her from hurt. Then once he has shot his bride he will go and collect the arrows and break them into pieces. This will then ensure that they will be together forever. 


On the Maruesas island of the French Polynesia the tradition is that after the wedding reception has finished and the bride and groom are leaving. All family members of the bride will then lay face down on the ground, and then the bride and groom will walk on the backs.

Northern Borneo:

Newly wedded couples of the Tidong community are made to stay in a confided space of their home for three days and three nights so that the couple can enjoy there early marriage and have some special time to bond with one another. However, the only catch is that they are not allowed to empty there bowls at all through out! 

So it is clear to see that there are many different traditions all over the world, some sweet and others that leave us gob smacked! However we guarantee that no matter what the tradition all there weddings were amazing. 

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