Wednesday 5 November 2014

Health Hazards of Adorning Artificial Jewellery

Just having a nice dress is not enough. It is also important to have the right kinds of jewelries and accessories to complete the look. Purchasing expensive jewellery is not always possible as not all of them fall under our budget. This is the reason demands and popularity of artificial jewelries is on the rise. You will find all kinds of artificial jewelries in various stores as well as in roadside stores and flea markets. The prices of these jewelries are not much and you can purchase them in large numbers. Many women love to mix and match these jewelries as per their costumes.

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However, it is quite alarming to note that these artificial jewelries are not very safe. They are harmful for general health as well as for the skin. Most importantly, they have proven to be deadly for children if they put these jewellery pieces into their mouth or swallow them by chance. Different kinds of investigations have been carried out by different health organizations and NGOs to understand the kinds of toxic elements that these products contain. And the results have come out to be shocking. 

Some findings are as follows:

1. It has been seen that most of the pieces of artificial jewellery contain high amounts of mercury, arsenic, cadmium, lead, nickel, chromium, and chlorine and many other substances. The concentrations of these elements vary from one piece of jewellery to another.

2. Lead is the most commonly used substance in the jewelries. It is noticed that lead has potential health hazards disrupting normal bodily functions as well as causing infections to the skin. For children’s products, the lead level that is safe for use is below 300ppm. However, it has been seen that in most of children’s artificial jewelries, lead levels are quite high.

3. The use of cadmium is common in jewelries as it gives extra shine to the piece. The metal is actually very cheap and has gross adverse effects as dangerous as deadly cancer. This is a major reason that use of cadmium is banned in many countries all across the globe.

4. Nickel is a popular metal that is used in different kinds of artificial jewelries. There are people who are allergic to nickel and wearing such jewelries might cause skin eruptions and reactions. Usually nickel polishing is seen and as soon as the polish comes in contact with the skin, it causes problems. Asthmatic attacks are the most common problems that are seen in nickel allergies.

Some tips on using artificial jewellery so that health hazards are minimized:

Usually artificial jewelries are worn when one is going out or for some special events. It is recommended not to wear these jewelries for long stretches of time as they might cause skin irritation. You might sense some kind of itching or a burning sensation if you wear such jewelries for long. Once you are back home take off the jewelries at once.

It is also recommended to avoid using water on these jewelries as various kinds of reactions might take place. Before taking a shower or washing your face and body take off the Jewellery for sure.

Before packing the jewellery and keeping them back wipe them thoroughly with a dry cloth. This takes off all the sweat or other particles from the jewellery. You might notice that some parts might be discolored. This happens due to the reaction of the jewellery with the perspiration.


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