Thursday 26 February 2015

Jewellery Ideas For Your Sun Sign

Jewellery have been worn by men and women since a long time as a part of customs and cultures as well as for adorning their body. It is interesting to note that people choose their jewellery as per their sun sign and their nature. Here are some jewellery ideas that correspond to the sun signs:

1. Aries

People with Aries sun sign are fiery in nature. They love to be free from fuss. Therefore smart and simple jewellery is their obvious choice. 

Instead of long pearl chains and large rings, they love to wear stud earrings or a simple ring and at the most an ornamental watch. Red colored stones suit the nature of Aries people.

2. Taurus

Concentrating on the neck and throat area is a speciality of the Taurean people.

They love to wear pendants, necklaces and chokers in fine metals and gems like jasper, emerald and tiger-eye.

3. Gemini  

People with Gemini sun sign love to make a mark with their jewellery. They love to pick up pieces of jewellery from various places including fairs and flea markets. Gemini people love to talk about their jewellery openly. 

4. Cancer  

Cancerians are nostalgic by nature and love to be attached with antique pieces of jewellery like old cufflinks and antique brooches, earrings and chains. Vintage and antique items are a favorite with such people. Moonstone and silver metal are preferred choices of Cancer people. 

5. Leo 

Gold is ‘the’ metal for people with Leo sun sign. They can flaunt bold and flashy pieces of jewellery in gold with √©lan. 

Women can adorn a tiara or even a gold crown with ease. Heavy chains and gold chandeliers are a favorite with Leo women.

6. Virgo   

Purity is what Virgo people look for in their jewellery. This is the reason they love to have jewellery from the purest of metals like gold, platinum, diamond etc.

Many Virgo people like to wear jewellery made from natural fibers like shells or fabric.

7. Libra  

Libran people are well balanced and this is reflected in their choice of jewellery as well. Usually people with this sun sign will prefer to have balance in their jewellery with the right bracelet, earring and necklace. 

The jewellery should be well coordinated with the dress one is wearing.

8. Scorpio

People with Scorpio sun sign like to have their jewellery to be little different from others. A pendant with option of keeping a photograph in it, a neck-piece with some antique hieroglyphics engraved on the same, a ring with mystical carvings and symbols are preferred choices of people with this sun sign.

9. Sagittarius 

Sagittarius people are travel enthusiasts and they love picking up jewellery from various places they visit. Bracelets made of precious stones like sapphires and emeralds are hot favorite with such people.

Along with precious stones, these people also like simple jewellery made of basic things like wood, paper, cloth and so on.

10. Capricorn 

Classic pieces of jewellery are made for people with Capricorn sun sign. A string of pearls, a diamond ring and simple yet antique jewellery piece seems to be perfect for Capricorn people.

Designer pieces of jewellery are also a favorite with these people.

11. Aquarius

Aquarius people are not satisfied with common and ordinary things. This implies in the case of jewellery as well. They prefer bracelets, pendants and earrings with little innovation and creativity. The material of the jewellery does not matter to them but it has to be different.  

12. Pisces 

People with Pisces sun sign love jewellery that reflect water, particularly the sea. Silver chains, platinum chains and white gold chains are a hit with these people as they have a shimmering effect. Anklets are also worn by many people with this sun sign. Aquamarine and abalone stones are a favorite with Pisces people.

Apart from buying jewellery for yourself as per your sun sign, you can also gift the same to someone if you know their zodiac sign. 

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