Wednesday 18 March 2015

Love for all Eternity

The history of the Eternity ring dates back to approximately 4,000 years ago to Egyptian times. They were said to be used simply as a token of both eternal love and eternal life. Today they are often given to mark key moments in life – after the birth of a child or for a significant wedding anniversary.

A ring follows the fundamental idea of the eternity of life and love. With no beginning or end, the endless loop symbolises eternal devotion. 

Eternity rings are often stone-set with diamonds. Since diamonds denote endurance and permanence by their physical properties, a full set diamond band combines the characteristics with the unending circle. Evolving from the wedding ring, Eternity rings are also worn on the “ring finger” which is normally the third finger of the left hand.

A full eternity ring is the classic style and has an endless set of stones around the shank giving the ring its name. The full eternity ring pops in colour and the diamonds can be viewed from all angles. 

~ Full Eternity Rings ~

A half eternity ring has stones only at the front or the halfway round. If you are looking for practicability and comfort, then the half eternity is the ring of your choice. The half eternity ring can also be easily adjusted in size while the full eternity ring cannot due to the risk of damaging the stones or the stones falling out. 

~ Half Eternity Rings ~

 A popular choice for a 40th wedding anniversary is a Ruby eternity ring.
Spending 40 years with someone is a great reason to celebrate. Rubies were chosen as the gemstone to mark a 40th wedding anniversary because it is thought that they possess an eternal inner flame which is a symbol that the passion in a marriage is still very much alive and well, and strong after spending 40 years together.

~ Ruby Eternity Rings ~ 

When shopping for an eternity ring, the first choice to make is choosing between a full and half eternity ring. Weigh up the pros and cons. The next is choosing the metal. Popular metals are White, Yellow and Rose, which one does she wear more of? Which will match her wedding ring? 

And last to choose should be the stone. On our website we have a choice of Diamond, Ruby, Tanzanite, Emerald and Sapphire.

Show her how much you love her, love for all eternity with an Eternity Ring.

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