Monday 29 June 2015

8 Pretty Necklaces For Summer

Quality accessories make you look attractive and as a woman you need to wear some jewellery so that you look charming and gorgeous in an outfit you wear. A pretty necklace would be just perfect to express your beauty. For summer, you especially need light weighted and simplified stuffs. Here are some ideas for perfect necklaces for summer:

1. Lanai Welcome Necklace 

This is one of the most perfect necklaces to wear in summers. It has a vibrant, yet simple colour that can attract others’ attention. The necklace is light weighted and the best thing is that it can match with different skin complexions. Pair it up with your light frilled summer dress and clinch the appreciations of your admirers.

2. White Gold Diamond Cluster Necklace 

No matter it is summer or winter or any other season, diamonds are always special for women. This necklace diamond is paired up with white gold to give unique and light weighted feel for summer. The pendent is unique and elegantly designed with 7 small diamonds. Overall, it is perfect jewellery that you can consider wearing with your summer dresses.

3. White Gold Diamond Halo Necklace 

When it comes to wearing jewellery, especially necklaces for summer, we are generally left with limited choice. Fashion is all about innovation and embracing something new to get a unique and appealing look. So, if you dare to think unique, consider diamond halo necklace, with white gold base.

4. White Gold heart Sapphire and Diamond Necklace 

The colour of Sapphire is always considered to be attractive and attention drawing. For striking look in this summer, you need jewellery that includes sapphire. A large Sapphire, coupled with many small diamonds and based on white gold metal, would create a unique combination. White gold heart sapphire and diamond necklace is just perfect for this summer to add elegance and sophistication to your look.

5. Rose Gold Diamond Halo Necklace 

Halo necklaces are unarguably the best for this summer. They are classy and most importantly they are trendy. So, if you are looking for something that is trending around you, consider buying Halo gold diamond necklaces. We already talked about halo necklace on white gold. If you think that is too simple, then try our Rose gold diamond halo necklace. Colour of rose gold is truly perfect for the summer.

6. Yellow Gold Diamond Cluster Necklace 

Nothing can beat the gorgeousness of traditional yellow gold, coupled with diamonds. Choose a cluster necklace, which is based on yellow gold. The pendant should be interesting. Cluster of diamonds should draw the much needed attention. Such a necklace is a perfect thing to wear in summers!

7. White Gold Cushion Emerald and Diamond Necklace

Emerald has a beautiful and attractive hue of green and this colour simply goes with various light coloured summer dresses. Thus, it is a perfect idea to embrace emerald jewellery in this summer. Large cushion shaped emerald, coupled with small diamond clusters and white gold base will fetch you rich and sophisticated look.

8. White Gold Marquise Ruby and Diamond Necklace 

If emerald is perfect for summer, so is ruby! In fact, ruby is found more attractive and goes well with summer material to enhance the look of what you wear. Marquise shaped ruby, surrounded by cluster of small diamonds, would surely give unique and elegant feel.

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