Wednesday 9 September 2015

Here comes you, all dressed to shine!

Wedding season is upon us. Lots of people love to marry in the summer while others like the idea of an autumn or winter wedding to replicate a fairytale. There is also that time of the year when several of your friends are tying the knot which can create a potential nightmare when it comes to choosing what to wear, buying gifts and making sure you have booked the correct days off from work. But trust yourself, you’ll get it all sorted out without any major problem. You know how much you rock at gift giving. You actually nailed down the most perfect outfit weeks ago – you’re actually really excited to wear it

Now while the golden rule is to not upstage the bride, you can still look your best with a little wow factor added with jewellery from AG & Sons.

Here we run through our must-haves for your wedding wardrobe:


Necklaces can make a bold statement while adding a touch of class and sophistication to your outfit. 

If you are wearing something simple and feel your outfit is lacking some oomph! Add a pop of colour with a gemstone necklace. Guaranteed to make you look and feel fabulous!

What’s a little cluster anyway? Cluster necklaces are known for being beautiful, versatile and stylish. For something a little understated and sleek, choose the cluster necklace.


Earrings are one way to draw attention to your facial features and gives you an overall polished outlook. 

For enduring beauty and understated elegance, diamond studs earrings are the ultimate choice. Suitable for everyday wear and glamorous occasions alike.  

Ultra feminine and effortlessly stylish, Halo diamond stud earrings are all you need to give your look an instant update.


Celebrate the elegance of simplicity with a diamond bracelet. 

Suitable for every style and taste, diamond bracelets are the perfect wrist-wear to effortlessly step up the luxurious look. 

Give yourself a little wedding treat and create a memory that lasts a lifetime. 


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