Friday 8 January 2016

How Do Diamonds Form? [Infographic]

Diamonds shaped in the earth from 1 billion to 3 billion years ago. To produce a single one-carat, 250 tons of earth is mined. After a diamond is recovered, it has to be sorted into certain categories before being sold. DeBeers sorts approx 45% of diamonds and the rest 55% are sorted in Mumbai, Antwerp and Johannesburg. It takes usually 6 weeks to sort diamonds depending on the production. 

Gem quality Diamonds are composed of at least 99.95% Carbon. Gem quality diamonds are used in the jewellery industry, as these diamonds must be of good colour and of good clarity. Industrial diamonds are used in machining of all types (automotive, aviation. marine) tools for drilling, abrasives and polishing compounds of all kinds. 

This infographic, brought to you by AG & Sons, highlights the journey of diamonds.

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