Thursday 10 December 2015

How To Take Care Of Your Diamond Jewellery

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! When it comes to Jewellery we know what we want and how many carrots we want! Jewellery especially diamond jewellery are delicate sentiments which no one would to loose or damage, especially if it is given to you by a loved one! Although diamond is considered to be one of the hardest known natural materials, when it is set in a ring, necklace, bracelet or necklace it can be quite vulnerable to cracking, breakage, or spoiling, as you are wearing these pieces on an everyday basis. 

If you are not careful when wearing or cleaning diamond jewellery, you can damage the diamond. This list provides some advice on taking care of the diamond jewellery on a daily basis. Therefore, listed below are a few easy steps on how take care of your diamond jewellery so you can continue to have your precious jewellery for generations to come! 
Remove all diamond jewellery before performing any heavy-duty tasks. Taking off the jewellery will prevent mishaps such as knocking it, spilling cleaning chemicals on it, or causing any other physical damage.
1. Apply your makeup before putting on your diamond jewellery. Lotions, perfumes, hairspray and cosmetics contain chemicals that can damage diamond jewellery. Only put the diamond items on after you have done with using these products.
2. Remove your diamond jewellery before you take a shower. Soap can form a layer of film on diamonds, which can quickly dull their radiance and appearance. Removing your diamond pieces before hitting the shower is an excellent way to prevent unscheduled servicing.
3. Remove your diamond ornaments before you take a swim. You should always ensure that chlorinated water does not interact with the metals and stones in your jewellery. To avoid any potential for structural damage, remove all of your diamond pieces before you enter a pool.

4. Remove diamond jewellery when playing sports. Any kind of hard blow can risk damaging your jewellery while playing sports.

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