Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Valentine's Day Jewellery Guide: Choose Bridal Set Rings

Many people think that the wedding ring and the engagement ring are the same. But they are not. While many people settle to purchase the wedding ring and engagement ring separately, some of them buy bridal set rings. The set includes the wedding band and the engagement ring. Since they come as a set, the design and the patterns are in sync with one another. Infact when both the rings are worn, they look like one piece. The settings of the rings are done so perfectly that there is no gap between the two. Along with providing a distinct and unique look, it is also possible to save good deal of money on the sets than purchasing the engagement ring and the wedding ring separately.

Choosing the right metals for the rings

Usually for the engagement, a diamond ring is preferred. It can either be a solitaire or many small pieces of diamonds set in a series. Gold is the preferred metal on which diamond settings are done. Along with gold, platinum, titanium, white gold, rose gold etc are other metals that are popular for engagement and wedding rings. If you intend not to take off the bridal set ring and wear it always, settle for 18 carat gold rings as they are hardy and will stand the test of time well. For modern couples, platinum has become a favorite metal as it is extremely tough. White gold rings often have rhodium plating done on them to give the ring more shine and luster. In case the plating fades off, re-plating can be done easily. 
Right measurements of the fingers 
While choosing bridal set rings, it is important to ensure that the rings have the perfect fit. In case the rings do not fit on the fingers perfectly, there will be gap between the engagement ring and the wedding ring, damaging the beauty of the set. It is preferred that the person who will be wearing the ring should go while purchasing the bridal ring set. In case you are thinking to give her a surprise with the ring set, arrange for a ring that fits her best and purchase the ring set as per the measurements.   

Designs of the bridal rings set
Choice of designs and shapes varies from one person to another. While some people like traditional designs, some are interested in contemporary designs. Conventional bridal ring designs are elaborate and somewhat bold. Modern women of today like simple and sleek designs and thus contemporary designs are highly suitable for them. In this regard eternity wedding bands are a very popular choice. Simple and sleek settings of the bridal set ring are high in demands. The designs are carved in such a manner that one ring sets with the other perfectly. Infact the settings of the diamonds are also in sync with one another – whether you wear it as a set or individually, they look complete.

Costing of bridal rings set 
Costing is a factor when you are planning to buy a bridal ring set. With the use of diamonds and expensive metals like platinum, white gold, gold, etc, the prices of the sets are quite high. But affordable bridal set rings are also available if you are tight on budget. Instead of platinum, settle for palladium – it has the same looks and appeal of platinum, but comes at much lower price tag.  


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