Monday 25 July 2016

5 Tips To Save Big On Engagement Ring Shopping

When two people go ahead and decide to make it up for—I do, yes, it is a roller coaster of emotions. After all it is a bond for life and couples stamp it with their immense love tales. An engagement ring embarks the most truthful yet an official start of your relationship. For the same, an engagement ring serves the purpose in the most splendid way.

Shopping for an engagement ring comes with certain do’s and don’t’s in the head, and guys you must read it before you make the move to show your wisdom hat and end up making a blunder.  

Know Her Favourite Styles  

While you are all set to propose, any hint about jewellery from her should spark to your ears. After all, you have to buy something that simply astonishes her. It is also crucial you must go for checking on her interests with her friends and of course by the time even you know the taste she shares. Buying a ring is nothing like heading to a nearby store, choose, swipe your credit card and voila you have it. It is more intricate as it has the essence of love and life you both are going to share further.

Talk To Other Guys Who Have Been Through It 

It is an advice to ponder. Before buying a ring-- instead of gathering enough information from Google, it is better to ask your friends who have gotten engaged before. They could be of some help in knowing the best jeweller in town to how and whom to get it online. The gemstone, diamond or of whatever, it is no bad to concern those foot holders in this very business. 

All Diamonds Look The Same At First Glance

When you buy your first diamond---it is shiny, dazzling and sparkling that can easily awestruck your mind. Go slow guys; don’t whip out your wallet as all diamonds look the same in the very first glance. Don’t call it a day so early, lure for getting the best price and yes have a look at the so many options available. It is quite important to resonate with the different diamonds and gemstones and make up for the one that matches your interests.

Know The 4c’s

Ring shopping is quite a stressful moment in a man’s life because certainly it is not their job. A job not yours may strike your heart. For guys, learning the 4C’s is as important as anything less in this world. Diamonds cut, clarity, carat and colour need to be in your mind when you shop for that diamond. So take the time to study before you actually shop.

Feel Free To Define Your Budget

Well, diamond shopping is expensive and may go higher to your budget. But yes again, it is that special moment that is priceless, don’t flow with emotions and take the practical pill. There is no bad in defining your diamond budget to your jeweller as this may help in selecting the engagement ring with more ease. After all, it’s your money, your special moment and your life so make the right move. 

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