Tuesday 27 September 2016

5 Best Ways You Can Clean Your Engagement Ring at Home

The engagement ring is one precious jewellery that reminds us of the day we were bonded for life with someone. He put a ring and yeah your world was all blossoming. As it sparkles, your love sparkles. If you want that your love keeps blooming this way, a proper cleaning of your engagement ring time to time is one thing you should invest time in. 

The worse thing that may happen is with time the ring loses its lustre. We don’t want that as the blingy ring always enchants our heart. There are many home tips and tricks that do more harm than good to your ring. 

So, if you don’t want to tap in with the wrong measures we tell you the right ways to let your ring go all sparkling with the right method of cleaning at home:

1.    Near boiling water cleans it to perfection

When you are cleaning your bespoke engagement ring, you need to be extra cautious as you are not washing that kitchen utensil you are actually cleaning that expensive piece that holds your heart. Near boiling water does magic in cleaning your ring. The boiling water essentially does wonder as it aids in breaking down any soap and cream that may have accumulated on the diamond ring. Well, the hotter the better, but advisable is put the diamond ring under 100 degrees. This trick is not appropriate for pearls and any other piece of jewellery.

2.    Add detergent for brilliant effect:

Well, the heavy chemicals are harsh when you clean that expensive ring but you can always use a dash of detergent powder or some dish washing liquid from your kitchen to tame that bad effect on the ring.

3.    Old toothbrush cleans like a pro:

An old tooth brush works like a pro as the stubborn bristles sweep out all the dirt hidden around the diamonds and remove dirt from those tricky areas. A dabbing motion is always suggested than a scrubbing motion when you are getting the dirt out from the ring. The dabbing motion will help in finding the bristles their way underneath the diamond.

4.    Soaking is essential:

The more you soak the diamond ring in hot water solution, the better. But it does not mean you soak them for life. After soaking them in for some good 45 minutes time in the hot water solution, scrub them off and again soak the ring in the hot water bath. You can do this for your engagement ring set and diamond engagement rings.

5.    Do not put cream when your rings are on:

This is a basic piece of advice- do not put your ring on when you are applying cream. In that matter of time, it is advisable to remove them as hand creams get deposited on the tricky areas of your rings and you don’t want your cleaned new ring to get spoiled again. After applying the cream, you can put the ring on. 

The best way of cleaning always include right methods and no usage of harsh cleaners and bleaching agents as they may deplete the expensive metals of the ring. A strict set of rules is always needed for your diamond to sparkle for life.

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