Tuesday 31 January 2017

This is All You Need to Shine Your Bridal Set Rings for Life

Bridal Set Rings 

We know that the time when “he put a ring” is incomparable. Like the best day you have ever imagined or the moment of your life. Your ring is very close to your heart and it should be after all. That expensive solitaire needs that immaculate shine and should last until the end of life as it is about your bridal set rings.

Well, coming to that in today’s lightning fast life, taking care of your jewellery spares no time. Like, literally no time. 

But here we got your back and filtered some essential tips just like a thumb rule which you should necessarily follow to keep that sparkle of your bridal set rings alive. So, here we go:

1. Wear it like a boss 

We know that as you are gliding in your marriage you will be wearing it as often as you can. After all, why not? Wear it to parties, family get together or anywhere of that sort to embrace the beauty it has. However, it is suggested to ignore it to places like beaches as the sand may ingest dirt in it unnecessarily.

2. Do not wear it during a physical activity

Well, it is apparent that you are going to wear your ring almost everywhere but spare it while you are digging a new garden in your new home or for that matter hitting the gym. Giving that precious stone studded ring a hard time with all the dirt and grime is inhuman. So, blink blink, take care of it like a real lover.

3. Store it in its own room

Yes, why not give your ring that personal space which it needs? You may require storing your ring in that beautiful box or a cloth bag stuffed with cotton. It is crucial to separate your jewellery such that it does not witness any scratches. More to it, you can launder it in a pair of socks.

Very important, make sure you keep your jewellery in a place where you can easily find it. Many times, people place their jewellery to any random place and later forget it. Sheer loss, we must say!

4. Clean t, pamper it

There is no other way to pamper your fine diamond jewellery with your own hands. As the ultimate love you pour in is irreplaceable. So, make time to give your bridal set rings a dose of cleaning. Give a gentle cleanse in lukewarm water mixed with soap. Then gently give it a rub with a baby toothbrush. Don't go harsh, as you are handling an expensive delicate piece of jewellery that is so close to your heart.

If you do not have hands of delicacy, we recommend taking it to a professional every month or two to give it a professional cleanse.

So, here you go flaunting your ring like a boss and making room for more blitz.  

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