Monday 6 November 2017

Merry Christmas in Advance to all of You !!!

Merry Christmas in Advance to all of You !!!

What Are You Getting Your Girls This Christmas? Get Some Ideas
With Christmas only months away, most people are busy preparing for the holiday season. Most of us wait on the Black Friday sale to grab our year’s most extravagant purchases, which includes gifts for ourselves and friends and families. If you, like everyone else, are waiting for the year’s biggest shopping event you could use some gift ideas. When it comes to Christmas gifts to family and close friends, most people think big. Make use of your Christmas bonus and the holiday mood to buy some exclusive gifts this Christmas for the people you care for.
Picking gifts is no mean feat, particularly when your mind is either vacant or scrambled with ideas. When shopping, it is advisable to focus on one thing to arrive at a practical purchase decision. So, without further ado, let’s go over the options. When you are thinking to gift something big this time, then think jewellery, because that’s one of the very few things that warranty happiness.  Besides, if you are going to pay a handsome price, better make it count. Sure, the choices in jewellery often exceed the demand, but with some clues and ideas, you are all set to make the right pick at a reasonable expense.

For Your Mother
Choices are aplenty for those looking to buy a piece of bauble for their mother, and contrary to popular notion, it does not involve checking with your mother what she likes. Why ruin the surprise when you can figure it out by yourself?
For her, you need to focus on items for a particular age group. You may not have thought this, but somewhere at the back of your mind, you know what her taste in jewellery is like. Try to remember if her jewelleries are mostly petite and delicate or big and bold.
If she is a ring person, a promise ring would be a great way to express your love and gratitude. If she’s into necklaces, a pendant makes a lovely surprise. If your mother is middle aged or above, then look in solitaires. Pendants that use a single diamond, pearl or emerald makes a fitting pick for her. It should at least be a few centimetres in diameter, or in other words, substantially sized, if nothing over the top.
If pendants sound too complicated, then get her a pair of classic diamond ear studs. These pieces are a joy to own, and your mother will love them at the very first glance. Cluster studs are smaller in price while solitaires are pricey.

For a Little Sister
For your little sister, a promise ring is the best Christmas gift ever. A promise ring is a symbolic expression of love and affection, and an unspoken commitment to the relationship. It’s a great way of telling that you would be around when she needs you.
Thanks to the makers, promise rings of countless styles and designs have landed in the stores in the past few years. They have cute gem rings, charm shaped and even plain bands for girls of all ages. Depending on her age and style, you can find something that is both symbolic and fancy. Fancy is important, because girls love fancy.
A bracelet is another suggestion, but there is a price alert there. If you are comfortable spending bigger than a ring, then a bracelet is the next best choice. Layered bangles, solitaire bangles and skinny bracelets are the top choices in the market. Don’t worry about the size because most of them come in one size or with size adjustable feature.
Tennis bracelets are wildly popular among young girls, if you are looking for something that’s not too flashy, but definitely sophisticate. These pieces are bands for arms, designed with gems studded on skinny chains. 

For Your Significant Other
For your wife, girlfriend or fiancé, the choices of jewelleries is practically never ending. Most stores are heavily stocked in the romantic and nuptial sections, which makes it easy for couples to find something that catches their fancy quite easily.
A ring would be a classic gesture of romantic love, and that works great for a wife. Diamond solitaires, eternity rings and even three-stone rings are great gifts to wives on any occasion. It revitalizes the spark in marriages through the expression of love and admiration. In fact, to make it really special for her. Go custom, and design a ring with your choice of design, metal and gems to create something original. She’ll love it, without a doubt.
For a fiancĂ© or girlfriend, however, you have to think differently. Rings won’t work for obvious reasons. Earrings however make great Christmas gifts. A pair of solitaire ear studs would be the first suggestion right off the top of my head, but she likes dressy things, get a set of dazzling danglers. Laced with shimmering diamonds, these pieces are a feast for the eyes. No need to get stressed on the price as long as you limit yourself to cluster diamond pieces. They look expensive, but don’t cost as much.
For some reason, if you are thinking of something more than the usual rings and earrings, then go for a necklace. The choices here are diverse, and the priced flourish. If you are thinking pendants, no need to be warned though, but if you happen to slip into serious diamond necklaces, you’ll probably have to cough up a few thousands extra, but your gift will be guaranteed the best she’d receive this Christmas. Birthstone necklaces are petite and charming. Solitaire necklaces are classy and expensive. Cluster necklaces are affordable, and spectacular. Mangal sutras and neck chains display advanced craftsmanship, but for all they cost, they are worth every dime.

For a Friend for Life
For a friend you have known all your life, or someone who has become a close confidante in a very short time, nothing short of a diamond jewellery is worth the chemistry. Cluster studs or pendants are two of the choicest picks that she’d like and you’d be able to afford without stretching your budget. 


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