Monday 10 August 2020

Pros And Cons Of Birthstone Engagement Ring

Benefits Of Birthstone Engagement Ring

There is absolutely no doubt that diamonds happen to be a girl’s best friend. However, the idea of gemstone or birthstone engagement is equally popular. 

This has made many prospective brides turn to their birthstones in order to jazz up the rock on their ring fingers.

Yes! The birthstone engagement rings have been gaining popularity by the day with many a colourful stone vying to be the centre of attraction without losing its charm amongst the sparkling diamonds.

True it is not too commonplace with many girls eagerly leafing through jewellery magazines in hope of learning more by going through various tips for designing a birthstone engagement ring.

Why do you need one though?

Isn’t it customary to sport a whopping big diamond and let the world know that your Prince charming has finally popped the question and earned your assent in return?

Well, the first benefit of this awesome idea is its charm that makes you look unique. You certainly do not want to be lost in the crowd.

In fact, displaying a dazzling birthstone engagement ring would bring you on an equal footing with the top Hollywood celebs.

So, gear up and check out your birthstone first.

Here are ideas that you could use and stun the world.

January Birthstone Engagement Rings in Garnet

Pair a garnet, the birth stone of January with a blood red ruby and achieve the much envied look.

You would do well to select a centre garnet of square shape and have a cluster of glittering rubies form a magnificent border.

Feel free to set it in 18K gold or rose gold and begin the year with a bang.
Birthstone Engagement Ring January

Birthstone Engagement Rings for February in Amethyst –

The semi-precious Amethyst quartz glams up the February girl especially when she uses it in the centre of her engagement ring.

Opt for an oval stone and set it off with several round cut diamonds that shine brilliantly bringing the subtle violet to the forefront.

Birthstone Engagement Ring February

March Birthstone Rings in Aquamarine -

The blue-green aquamarine will be a befitting engagement for the March bride who is both sane and sensible.

Have it sparkle in abandon on a white gold setting with the semi-precious stone resembling an emerald cut diamond.

Birthstone Engagement Ring March - Aquamarine

April Birthstone Engagement Rings in Diamond

The coming of spring with Easter just around the corner can never be expressed as beautifully as with a diamond.

Yes! The dazzling diamond will make you look pretty.

Go for the asymmetrical ring to add more oomph to your engagement ring.

April Birthstone Rings - Diamond Engagement Rings

May Birthstone Rings  in Emerald

It is time to turn your friends green with envy. Well, you do have them eyeing the magnificent emerald noted for representing the month of May.

Pair with a bevy of tiny diamonds or seed pearls. The ring will be bewitching, to say the least.

Birthstone Engagement Rings May

Birthstone Engagement Rings for June

You cannot go wrong by choosing pearl for your engagement ring that happens to be the birthstone of a June born gal as well. 

Wait! You have a second choice for this month.

Opt for Alexandrite to reveal your special day and make it doubly special by wearing a floral shaped ring fashioned with diamonds and Alexandrite.

Engagement Rings Stone whose Birth on July – Ruby :

If your heart yearns for the red, red ruby then you must be a July born. 

You have the liberty to choose between a pale red and blood red hue when you are intent on wearing a birthstone engagement ring. 

Pair it with enticing diamonds and have the most extravagant ring created exclusively for you.
Ruby Engagement Rings

August birhtstone Engagement Rings in Peridot

Well you are a strong woman and so should your engagement ring be. 

Delight in the lovely green colour of peridot, the birth stone of August girls. 

Have it designed simply with the beautiful stone grabbing all the attention as it sits pretty on a 18K gold band.
Birthstone Engagement Rings UK

September Birthstone Engagement Rings in Sapphire -

Well, September is for sapphire and you will not miss out on the brilliance by choosing this birthstone for your engagement ring.

Go with the brilliant white stone, a diamond look-alike or delve into the depths of your mind with a deep blue one.

Either way it will showcase your character like no other.

October Birthstone Engagement Rings in Tourmaline -

Let the hues if rainbow shimmer on your birthstone engagement ring as you choose opal to be displayed on your finger.

Alternatively, show your feminine charm to the world by Pink Tourmaline that is quite a ruby albeit with an endearing charm of its own.

Have your ring designed with the amazing stone at the heart of dazzling white gold and have the groom to be hooked well and proper.

November BirthstoneEngagement Rings in Citrine -

Select the blue or imperial topaz and give the world a sneak peak of your mystic magic.

Alternatively don a beautiful cluster ring on the occasion of your engagement by highlighting the lemony citrine.

Birthstone Engagement Ringsfor December in Tanzanite -

What about a three stone engagement ring that includes all 3 of your birth stones?

Yes! The month of December has a trio of the glittering stones so go all out and dazzle the world with zircon, turquoise and tanzanite in breathtaking shades of blue.

You are welcome to set the three some on white gold, platinum or Sterling silver.

The sheen will mesmerise one and all making the birthstone engagement ring win over your friends and foes alike.

Should you look for an engagement ring featuring your birthstone?

Find answers to some of the questions arising in your mind to make the best decision without further ado…

Sapphire Engagement Rings UK

Should I get a gemstone engagement ring?

Gemstone rings are getting popular by the year.

So, why not add your birthstone to the ring and create the most awe-inspiring engagement ring ever?

Go for sapphires, emeralds, tanzanite, topaz or ruby.

Choose your favourite colour and get it set in gold or silver.

You will bowl the guests over.

What stone is best for an engagement ring?

Sure, you cannot avoid a diamond when it comes to engagement rings especially if you happen to be born in April.

However, you will find the breathtaking array of red, green and the intense blue of ruby, emerald and sapphire weave magic on the people close to you too.

Is Emerald OK for an engagement ring?

Emerald is definitely high on the list of popular engagement rings.

The green colour symbolises new beginnings making it quite apt for engagement and weddings.

Moreover, the stone is pretty hard and will not break easily even if you continue to wear it permanently.

Why sapphires are better than diamonds?

Sapphires are available in a variety of colours that appeal to the bride and groom.

Moreover, it is as hard as the diamond and resistant to scratches with amazing durability.

 It is usually favoured over the classic diamond ring because of its comparative affordability.

Do engagement rings have to be expensive?

No! While the rule of the thumb is to spend at 2 months of salary on the whopping big ring, the reality can be different.

Go for a coloured gemstone instead of a diamond to make it affordable.

 Alternatively, you can always choose a pretty semi-precious stone for your engagement ring at less than half the cost.

Is Sapphire OK for an engagement ring?

Absolutely! You get everything that you have yearned for by selecting a sapphire engagement ring as opposed to a diamond ring.

It is hard and affordable while the variety of colours that you will get is pretty amazing.

Go for sapphire if you are born in September or intend to get married that month.

Choose to surprise the world by displaying a beautiful birthstone engagement ring.

It certainly exudes warmth and adds to your charm.

Moreover, you also get to celebrate your birth moth and engagement and that’s getting two birds with a stone, literally.

There is not much negatives about buying a birthstone crafted into an engagement ring though except for its hardness.

Make sure to check the durability and buy one that will not crack or chip easily.


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