Thursday 24 June 2021

Emerald - Most Favorite Gemstones For Jewellery


Emerald Stone:

Emerald is considered the most treasured stone all around the world because of its attractive green color. This rare gemstone is more popular and also it has increased the desirability among people when compared to other stones like diamond, sapphire, and ruby. So, most people use emeralds in their jewels like emeraldengagement rings, and emerald eternity rings.

The name of the emerald is derived from the Persian word and the meaning of the name is “green gem”. Initially, the name got changed from Greek to Latin and it has been called Smaragdus, and then later changed to Esmaurde, Esmralde, and then in the 16th century,it is called Esmeralde. As time passes by, the name gets corrupted to Emerald.

The emerald has been used for the past six thousand years, and it is more valuable than a diamond. Most people prefer emerald, as this gemstone refers to the richness, power, and eloquence, and even some people believe this stone is more powerful as it canprotectagainst possessions.

In today’s time,emerald stones are widely used to manufacture varieties of jewels like emerald bracelets, emerald band rings, emerald necklace gold, emerald and diamond engagement rings, emerald necklace, and gold and emerald necklaces.


The history of Emerald:

The first emerald was originated 2.97 billion years ago, and in 1500 B.C. the first emerald was mined in Egypt. Emerald is considered an ancient stone, and most emerald has been mined from Egypt.

Around 500 BCE, people started to deposit the emerald through the mining process, and during Cleopatra’s period (51 BCE to 21 BCE), as royal families loved this gemstone, so mining become a regular activity. Cleopatra was fond of emeralds, and she started to increase her wealth in emeralds, so around 30 BCE a town was built near the mines for the increasing demand for emeralds.

The mines were left being unnoticed, then after few years, the emerald was again rediscovered in 1830 in the Urals. Till now, Egypt is considered the primary source of emeralds, and they consist of highly prized emerald jewels in the Roman Empire. 

Emeralds will be pale in color, and mostly they come in opaque or translucent form, and the common shape of the emerald is hexagonal. Some people believed that the Emerald is one of the four precious stones which are given by the god to King Solomon. This stone is considered the birthstone for the people who were born in May, and this gemstone reflects the new spring growth.

Can I make emerald stone as an engagement ring?

Emerald is the most popular choice for making emerald engagement rings, and emerald eternity ring. Emerald stones are considered the symbol of love for new beginnings, and also its bright color will get easily paired with the women’s style. Most people don’t prefer emerald as an engagement ring as they believed that the stone is too soft, but it ranks 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs hardness scale.

If you still have doubt why to choose emerald engagement rings, then here are some unknown facts;

  1.          Emerald haspretty-quite scratch-resistant, and alsoit has high durability when compared to the other stones
  2.        The emerald offers green flashes, and high-quality emerald can be eye-clean which will be brightened and glow
  3.          Choose a high-quality emerald, but is very rare to find. It can be found only deeper into the rock, and it is rarer than diamond
  4.           Even though the emerald is expensive than diamond, still you can prefer it as it is considered to be unique and bring more fortune



Who should wear emerald stone?

Emerald is the most famous gemstone and it can be wornby anyone, but certain astrologersbelieved that couples can prefer this stone for making emerald eternity ringsas their relationship will grow beyond boundaries. Even, pregnant women can prefer this as they will have a normal and pain-free delivery.

Emerald represents the positive powers of Mercury's planet, and this is the planet of intelligence, communication, intuition, education, and business. So, people who are working in the public relationsfield or content-related field can prefer emerald as it will lead to several advantages. 

Do emeralds bring good luck?

According to the ancient Vedas, emerald is closely associated with the planet mercury so it will bring luck, improve the well-being of a person, and bring fortune when you have lost all the hope. This precious stone not only bringsgood luck but also helps you to develop strength and confidence.

Even wearing emerald can improve your mental intelligence, and it will help you to observe people so that you can analyze their both positive and negative sides. If you looking for inner peace then wear emerald, and also it will protect you against health problems like spine, headache, fertility, and eyes. 

Benefits of emerald stone:

Even though the emerald stone has a lot of other benefits, but it is believed that it contains some special benefits according to each religion.


In Islamic history and culture, it is important to wear the emerald stone as it will help you to;

·         Achieve peace and harmonious life

·         Develop unity in the family

·         Increase the wealth and hold the money

·         Evil spirits can be nullified


According to Hindu, only certain people can wear emerald and their zodiac sign should match with the gemstone. This is the birthstone for May born people, and it will offer a lot of benefits;

·         Wisdom and intellect

·         Finance

·         Oratorship

·         Physical health

·         Creativity

·         Matrimonial harmony


Even Christians willwear the emerald stone as this stone will help to increase their religious energies, and also it will maintain a balanced mind. Mostly it is preferred by the married couples as it will make their bond permanent, and also they believe that it will reduce depression and problems.

Is there any special about emerald?

The special part of emerald is that it is mainly used to make jewels like emerald engagement rings, and emerald eternity rings. But there are other special things too which are;

·         For children, it will improve the intelligence and concentration

·         It will help to develop new ideas and innovations for the people working in a creative field

·         It will boost the power of the person and helps them to express their thoughts and views in a better way

·         It is rich in healing power, so this wonderful stone will protect you from health disorders

Purpose of emerald:

Emerald is considered the stone of prosperity, so wearing it will help you to grow. It will make your married life better, improve the finance, and also helps you to get more opportunities. The main purpose of wearing emerald is it will enhance your name and fame, and also it will lead to a bright future.

Top 5 emerald products:

Emerald stones are not only famous for making emerald engagement rings, and emerald eternity ring, but it is also used to make emerald bracelets, emerald band ring, emerald necklace gold, emerald and diamond engagement rings, emerald necklace, and gold and emerald necklace.

Here are the lists of 5 emerald products, which are not only noted for theirdesign, and quality but also these products will come with the independent certificate, 1-year warranty, and 30-days return policy.

1.      Gold/Platinum emerald shape diamond solitaire ring AGDR -1003

Emerald Engagement Rings

If you are looking for a perfect engagement ring, then this ring will make your day even more special. This attractive emerald-shaped solitaire diamond ring will come with attractive rose color, and it will look good on your girl’s hand.

2.      3mm gold/platinum round cut emerald and diamond full eternity ring

Emerald Eternity Bands UK

This eternity ring is made of rose gold emerald and diamond, and the metal purity will come around 9 Kt. The stone used isthe round cut, and in between the emerald stone, diamond stones are placed. The total number of both diamond and emerald stonesis 15.

3.      Gold/platinum emerald shape diamond solitaire necklace AGDNC – 1003

This necklace is made of rose gold and the necklace has an emerald-shaped solitaire diamond.  Diamonds used in this necklace are emerald cut, and the clarity of the stone will be excellent.

4.      Gold/platinum round cut emerald and diamond bracelet AGBRL – 1001

Emerald Necklaces

This bracelet is made of white gold emerald, Gemstone Necklaces UK and diamond and the length of the chain is 46cm. Both diamond and emerald are round cut, and the purity of the metal is 9 Kt. The number of diamond and emerald stones is 70, and the clarity of the emerald is considered natural or very good.

5.      Gold/platinum round cut emerald and diamond bridal set ring AGDR – 2047

The emerald is the most precious stone, so it will look perfect for the bridal set rings. In this ring, round cut stunning emerald will be placed in the center, and also it is studded with beautiful diamonds.


Emerald is a rare and attractive gemstone so it is mostly used in crafting jewelry. This gemstone not only makes you look goodbut also will offer a lot of other benefits. Emerald will be the perfect choice for any kind of special occasion. 


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