Wednesday 16 June 2021


 Eternity rings are a token of love and life from the past 4000 years and nowadays, these rings have always been the first choice of lovers for wedding and engagement ceremonies. The evolving fashionistas have accepted these ancient eternity rings wholeheartedly.


Garnet Eternity Rings

Eternity rings have vast diversity in it like half eternity rings and full eternity rings, it also features a variety of diamonds, stones and gemstones like emeralds, amethysts, rubies, sapphires, citrine and many more which generally confuses you which one to buy. People like to experiment and the result of such experiments has to lead us to a successful combination of garnet stones and eternity rings. These garnet eternity rings are gaining popularity in the UK and turning into a trend that you must follow.


3 master steps that you can follow to get your perfect garnet eternity ring which will set your look on fire.


Garnets are known as the birthstone of January month which is considered a great gift to idealise the friendship and trust.


The reddish colour of garnets is an impeccable example of purity when it is selected wisely. Residuals of the mineral give the impure red colour with the effect of green, purple, black and blue. So select the red coloured garnet stone which is certified by a known organisation of UK.


If you are not experts then you might get confused between the garnets and rubies due to the red colour of both the gemstones. Eternity rings feature both rubies and garnets but to identify the difference in them you must know these things.

Inspect the gemstone colour.


Garnet Engagement Rings

- Rings of red garnets have minute hints of orange and pink colour in them.


-      Whereas, Sometimes vivid red colour of rubies have the hues of purple and blue in it.


Observe the rainbow.


-      If the garnet stone is kept under the light all colours of the spectrum will be observable.


-      In the case of rubies, you will not be able to observe the yellow or green colour from the spectrum or rainbow.



Garnet eternity rings are enriched with very good benefits and that is the reason why it is very famous in today's glamorous world. If you are looking for a protective shield against the evils then you might be wondering for the garnet stones and to wear it in eternity rings will always be with you.


Garnet stones have a special ability to gel with any gemstones but the most beautiful and famous pair is with diamonds and amethysts in the eternity rings. The fusion of diamonds and garnets have enhanced the looks of the eternity rings when it is worn at an engagement. Amethysts and garnets are no less, the combination of these two gemstones can be engraved with any gleaming metal whether its variety of gold or platinum which all together compliments your beauty and attire too.


Garnet rings are known as the healing crystal due to their healing properties and balanced energy. Some of the healing properties are mentioned below:


-      The red colour of garnet eternity rings reduces depression and anxiety.


-      Garnet regulates the blood circulation in the body and cures the blood deficiency and blood related diseases.


-      Garnet stones increase the strength of the lungs, spleen and also cure the spine injuries.


The healing benefits of the garnets don't end there. Now let's talk about the spiritual and astrological benefits to the wearer of the garnet eternity rings.


-      The wearer can be kept away from the negativities and evil thoughts that's why is it called the stone of protection and manifestation because it can help to achieve the life goals of the wearer.


-      Garnet eternity rings are best for the people who travel more because it is believed that it helps to travel safely to the wearer.


-      If you are unlucky in love and relationships then you must wear garnet eternity rings which ignite the spark in a couple with compassion, energy and stability.


There are infinitely many benefits of garnets as a stone and as in eternity rings.



From the ancient era, the unique designs and craftsmanship of the eternity rings are crafted in a fusion of casual and formal wear simultaneously so that you can be in the limelight everywhere you go.


The blood red colour of the garnets solutes in every attire you want to wear on any occasion whether it's your anniversary, someone's party or it might be someone’s wedding or engagement why someone’s you can wear or gift your partner this garnet rings which will give you the joy of the joys. 


You might be thinking that this much beneficial and beautiful stone must be very expensive and you can't afford it but you are wrong because the garnets are very much affordable than rubies which makes it more buyable and set on the top priority of your jewellery list.


There are lots of designs and shapes are available in the garnets which are also sliced with beautiful stone cuts which makes them more desirable because the stone cuts, shapes enhance the properties of the garnets and beautifies the stone.


To sum up, following these 3 steps will not let you choose the wrong or unidealised garnet eternity rings for your everyday wear and will keep you ahead of the trend in the UK and the whole fashion industry. 

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