Friday 5 February 2021

Top 5 Wedding Jewellery Shopping Tips for Brides

Many brides believe that the more expensive their jewellery, the more beautiful they will look on their big day. 

Well, this is not true because a lot of budget-conscious brides prove it otherwise. You need to be very careful while shopping for bridal jewellery. 

Apart from the cut, shape, and size of the jewellery, there are other things as well, which you should consider including what will suit you as well as what you will be able to re-wear. 

Here we are sharing 5 handy tips to help you perfectly team up your wedding dress and wedding jewellery so that they complement one other.

1. Less is more

Yes, it’s your wedding day and you should have everything your heart requests but do you really require a statement necklace, multiple bracelets, chandelier earrings, and bangles to bring out the best in your bridal dress? 

The answer is obviously no. You and your dress should steal the scene completely on your big day so choose a few key pieces that you love which gracefully add to your bridal beauty. 

2. Match your jewelry and wedding dress

Subtle variations in hues can create a big difference when it comes to choosing wedding jewellery. So choose stone or metal colour that draws attention to your wedding gown. 

White Bridal Gowns

Pure white is still the most popular choice for a wedding gown. Pearl, Platinum and Tanzanite add a stunning addition to this look.

Featured here are the Tanzanite bridal set rings

Blush Bridal Gowns  

A dirty pink shade, blush-colour dresses are becoming popular and suit all skin tones. These pale pink dresses become even more dazzling when paired with Platinum, peals and rose gold.

Check out our collection of rose gold earrings and beautiful Halo Necklaces in 18k rose gold.

Ivory Bridal Gowns

This warm fabric become even more eye-catching when paired with traditional yellow gold.

Featured here are the yellow halo gold earrings

3. Stick to one style

The style of your wedding jewellery should complement the design of your wedding dress.

Classic and Vintage dress

Choose delicate and feminine jewel pieces such as these cluster diamond earrings and flower diamond necklace UK from AG & Sons.

Contemporary and Elegant dress

Look for minimalistic jewellery styles with clean and modern lines like these Diamond stud earrings uk from AG & Sons.

4. Don’t forget the neckline


You should select a delicate pendant and earrings to highlight your neckline pendant especially if you are going to wear an elaborate dress. Check out these stunning earrings from AG & Sons.

Sleeves or straps

If your dress has straps and sleeves then these Marquise cut diamond earrings from AG & Sons is your best bet.

5. Think long term when choosing bridal jewelry

You should always buy quality that will last a life time and select jewelry that can be worn on multiple occasions.

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