Tuesday 1 January 2019

Garnet : Birthstone of January : Unknown Fact about your Birthstone

Things You Surely Didn’t Know about Garnets Before 

The New Year is upon us and it’s about time for the January born folks to prepare for the back-to-back bashes because New Year’s and birthdays both call for some serious celebration. 

For those who are born on the first month of the year, garnet is your gemstone. Warm, radiant and fantastic, nothing defines the key qualities of a January born person better than its birthstone.

Garnet Eternity Ring UK

While most people are familiar with garnet eternity rings and garnet engagement rings and the fact that it is the gemstone of January, there are some facts about this gemstone that are still unexplored by most. 

For instance, did you know that garnet stands for virtual qualities such as loyalty, enduring affections and a light heart? Yes, that is only the beginning of the many fantastic facts that surround this superb and lively stone.

A bust for the most dominant myth of all, garnets are not always red. 

Yes, natural garnets occur in many colors aside from red, such as green and black.

 There is even a colorless variety that mimics achromatic diamonds pretty closely, although it does not match up to the fire and scintillation of the latter.

The third thing you probably didn’t know about these interesting looking stones is that they are not mined underground. 

Yes, they do not occur in the womb of the earth like other gemstones. 

They strewn the banks of forest streams and brooks with pebbles after the rocks they are ensconced inside weather off.  

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