Friday 28 December 2018

Merry Christmas from AG & Sons

Christmas- For You and Me

With Christmas only a day away, cities and suburbs across United Kingdom have dressed and lit up for the biggest festival of the year. Holiday lights, holly wreaths, Christmas trees, mistletoes, nativity scenes are everywhere you look. While towns and cities take up a festive verve, people join in the merrymaking getting busy with the Christmas rituals of giftwrapping, Christmas trees decorating, setting out cookies and milk for the elusive Santa and cooking delectable dishes for friends and family.
If you are one of the millions of people who wait for this time of the year with great anticipation, then you must be all caught up in the Christmas fever.
While you pick out gifts like engagement rings and earrings for your loved ones, whip and brew scrumptious refreshments for the guests and prep the house for your family and friends, take a moment to be forgiving and loving to those who are not directly related to you.
Keep it down for your neighbors, donate to charities for the have-nots, and make it up with those you have had tiffs and trifles with earlier in the year.
On the whole, the very spirit of Christmas is to welcome love and happiness into your heart and your life. So, make the most of it by being nice to others, smooth out old differences and put a smile in the face of those you love and care for, because nothing brings more happiness and contentment than to see a happy face knowing that you may have a little something to do in it.  

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