Sunday 4 April 2021

Mangalsutra – A Perfect Blend of Tradition and Style

Jewellery is not only about fashion all the time. Of course, it is a fashion statement, but above all, there is a specific set of jewellery that is treated as auspicious. One necklace that women wear as a symbol of bond with her husband, the mangalsutra. The divine significance of mangalsutra UK continues unchanged. So many things have been changed, but this concept of family bonding is still persistent in several parts of the world.

Mangalsutra Meaning

The word mangalsutra has been created keeping two words in mind – mangal and sutra. While mangal means auspicious and sutra defines thread in ancient Sanskrit language. Together the word mangalsutra has been made to define an auspicious thread that unites souls. Mangalsutra is very popular among several women who want to value their traditions. The mangalsutra is tied around the bride’s neck by the groom on a holy day. This signifies that their relationship will be as auspicious as the thread.

Mangalsutra Significance

Traditional mangalsutra consists of a pendant and two strings of black beads attached with the pendant. It is the choice of people whether to choose mangalsutra gold or mangalsutra diamond in the case of mangalsutra necklaces. It is a symbol of unity till death for both bride and groom. This is a very old tradition and mangalsutra UK carries the same legacy decades after decades.

Mangalsutra is the symbol of marriage and the wife usually wears it throughout her life as a part of commitment and love towards her husband as well as to respect the bonding. In some cases, the mangalsutra is tied using three knots to signify loyalty towards the husband, devotion to the lord, and dedication to the family.

The traditional black beads in mangalsutra signifies the divine power to protect the married life. Even it is also believed that the mangalsutra wore by a wife saves her husband from various dangers. This is an age-old concept and millions of people do keep this tradition still despite modern advancements.

They prefer to carry the legacy that their ancestors started and trust us, it has a sound meaning. It is believed and proven also in numerous cases that a mangalsutra can save people from any bad things. It is the prayer associated with this mangalsutra UK that gives the protection. This is one of the best reasons why Indians wear mangalsutra.

Mangalsutra Types

Mangalsutra has its origin in India and is an integral part of Hindu rituals. Marriage is not complete until the mangalsutra is tied around the neck. Mainly started in the southern part of India, the typical mangalsutra had nothing but a gold pendant and a pair of long yellow thread. Once it is being adopted by other parts of India, then the black beads came into the design.

Nowadays, you will find mangalsutra gold, mangalsutra diamond in the case of pendants. Mangalsutra bracelet or hand mangalsutra is the latest addition in the block and it has a very good demand also.

Mangalsutra Benefits

The myth of religion is associated with the mangalsutra since the beginning. People do believe that wearing a mangalsutra will erase all accidental entities from life. And, it has been noticed on numerous occasions also.

Apart from this religious belief, there are a couple of other benefits also associated with the wearing of mangalsutra UK. It is believed that the mangalsutra gold pendant is having its good effects once it is attached to your skin for years.

Mangalsutra UK

Gold has several healing properties including the heart. It is believed that wearing a mangalsutra close to the heart will attract cosmic waves from nature and it will keep on functioning. Similar in the case of mangalsutra diamond pendent or even for mangalsutra bracelet. They have come out of the world power to give a happy and healthy relationship between wife and husband.

There are some other benefits also of wearing a mangalsutra necklace. Here are those:

·        It helps in the development of an immune system of a person

·        It keeps you energetic and fresh by the proper circulation of blood

·        It helps to regularize the blood pressure also

·        It helps to stimulate the sun channel within the wife’s body to generate energy out of it

·        It helps to erase all evil powers around you and your family to keep the marriage intact for years

Mangalsutra as a Style Quotient

Wearing mangalsutra necklaces has become a part of the new style also apart from its traditional values. New-age women are wearing various forms of mangalsutra UK as per their choice and comfort. It is not mandatory to wear the same design that your predecessors had, but you have full rights to customize those mangalsutra necklaces as per your choice.

Diamond Mangalsutra UK

That is why, after the mangalsutra gold pendant, we are now seeing a good number of mangalsutra diamond pendants. Mangalsutra bracelets are also the latest additions and it shows the way that a mangalsutra is not necessarily to be worn around the neck. It can also be used as a bangle or bracelet to match up with the latest trend and modern style.

Modern women prefer lightweight ornaments and for them, the mangalsutra UK has become slim and trendy. Several gemstones are added to make it a designer one and also the floral designs are a hit in the mangalsutra necklace market.

A simple mangalsutra diamond pendant is adorable to millions of people across the world due to its simplicity. Lots of gems are being used in mangalsutra to make it attractive and trendy.


To conclude, mangalsutra is primarily not a style statement neither a fashion accessory. Still, it is being regarded as the most auspicious symbol of love between husband and wife.

Women believe that mangalsutra necklaces can save relationships to a great extent. Yes, for that the new designs have entered into the market to be acceptable for all ages of females. So, why wait? Give a surprise to your loved one with a piece of mangalsutra UK and trust us, it will strengthen the romantic ties between a husband and a wife.


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