Monday 2 November 2020

Ruby and Diamond Eternity Rings- Eternalizing Relationships

 The combination of rubies and diamonds is a classic. These two gems compliment each other like no other. The pairing of diamonds and rubies is not new in jewellery. Designers have long been acquainted with the magic these two stones create coming together. Interestingly, today this classic arrangement has found a central place in not just engagement rings because diamonds still rule supreme there, but in eternity bands as well.

Ruby and diamond eternity rings have grown more popular than any other design in recent times. These rings are top of the line in most jewellery stores these days and are selling like hot cakes around the world. Coveted by women of all ages, these rings are making big fashion statements. So today, let’s explore the section of ruby and diamond eternity bands and learn more about this power pair in wedding rings.

The Mojo of Ruby and Diamond Eternity Rings

By now you must have warmed up to the effervescent popularity of these rings. But if you are not quite sure as in why these rings are so phenomenally popular, then you need to go a little deeper. Diamond and ruby engagement rings feature rubies and diamonds in varying sequences as the designs permit. Some are just paved bands with alternately set diamonds and rubies while others with more complicated designs feature these stones in different arrangements. Either way, the rings are sure to pique your interest.

But is it all on the virtue of interesting designs that these rings rose to popularity? Sort of, but not quite. Rubies and diamonds are two vastly contrasting gems. When set together, they illuminate in each other their special qualities. For example, a ruby makes a diamond appear more bright and more sparkly whereas the ruby in return makes the diamond darker and richer. Sitting side by side, they look their best, and that’s pure magic of the combination. That wholly explains the allure of ruby and diamond eternity rings UK. They look their best together and that’s what makes their marriage so inviting in a subtle eternity band.

Some Mind-Blowing Designs

You’d be amazed to find the variety of choices that exists in ruby and diamond eternity rings today. There is a range of rubies ring design for females possible with just these two stones than you would believe.

So far as the choices are concerned, there is obviously the demure and timeless ruby and diamond eternity ring in yellow gold featuring similar-sized stones in alternate sequence. There isn’t much grandeur or frill to this design. Instead, it harps on the threshold of elegance and understated beauty. There are ruby and diamond half eternity ring and ruby and diamond full eternity ringof different prices too.

The second popular style in this combination is the patterned setting. In these designs, diamonds and rubies of varying shapes are used. While some designs use two different cuts for the stones, others use stones of a similar cut. These ruby and diamond eternity ring white gold feature design themes like botanical, vintage, natural, all of which are more ornate than the other kinds.

Lastly, the channel square rings are another major entrant in this league. Featuring rubies and diamonds of equal carat and cut, these stones are set in uniform channel settings that form sleek and dainty borders around them and keep them flush set along the band. Find a wide selection of ruby and diamond engagement rings at AG and Sons featuring rings in all budgets.

Although there are ruby and diamond eternity rings yellow gold in many other bands, these three styles stand out and occupy the front of the line in most markets. They are coveted for their exceptional aesthetics and sophistication which are the driving reasons for people to choose this style of rings for their weddings.

The Symbolism of a Ruby and Diamond Eternity

We all know what an eternity ring stands. It is the representation of love that has no end nor no beginning. Like time, the band has no starting or ending and that’s what makes it a fitting representation of love as it is. Now what happens when you add stones like diamonds and rubies to it? The symbolism of the band embraces the symbolisms of the stones. Diamonds stand for romance and lifelong commitment, rubies for passion and life. Together, on a band, these represent a bond that is as real and ageless as time and life itself. So, if you are looking for a perfect wedding band for your soulmate, you need to consider a ruby and diamond gold eternity ring.

Prices and Other Important Details

When talking about 18ct ruby and diamond eternity rings, you do not want to miss one aspect and that is the price. If you are an interested buyer who is not sure what amount of expense to expect from buying such a ring, the following information will behoove you.

First of all, ruby and diamond wishbone eternity ringis not exorbitantly costly as many would think. Although these contain both diamonds and rubies, the two most expensive variants of gems, they do not cost supremely high. The gems these rings carry are small in size, and that in effect keeps the price from mounting, all the while making the rings look unmissable and precious.

There are several ways in which you can keep the price of your ruby and diamond eternity ring white goldin check. One of those is the choice of gem carat and metal. These two can significantly bump up or drop down the final price of a ring. Choosing smaller size stones, especially diamonds of low carat and clarity can easily result in a humble pricing. Same goes for rubies. If you can settle for lower quality rubies for the wedding ring, you can save big just on gems. As for the aesthetics, that would be unharmed by your choice of stone quality as the stones are anyway too small to reveal any flaws.

Both modern and antique ruby and diamond eternity demand the same care routine as your sparkler. Clean them weekly and keep them inside a velvet lined organiser, preferably with other jewellery of its kind or separately. Every few years get them professionally washed. Be sure to get the strength of the prongs checked at a jeweller to make sure that the wash does not cause a stone to slip out and go missing.

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